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I have always wanted to fly. Hasn't everyone gotten the sensation to just want to fly away from everything or just fly to be flying? Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to dunk the basketball. All through bam boosters, little league basketball, when we played on eight feet, I always tried to dunk it then, but I never could dunk eight feet until the year after when we played on the regulation 10 feet. Everyone always told me that I wouldn't be able to, because I wasn't tall enough. I bet they would change their minds now. I quit basketball and all other sports I played in the seventh grade because my parents got a divorce, and that made me not to want to do anything. I didn't play on a team again until my sophomore year of high school. I only played around outside and played pick up games. I wanted to be able to dunk the ball more than ever then. Now I wish I would have never quit then, because I would be able to do more than I can now, because I would have had more practice and time to develop my game better. At the end of my freshman year of high school I could barely touch the rim. I knew if I was going to be able to dunk a basketball, then I would to work hard at it. So, all I did the whole summer was play basketball from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. The goal I played on was in the middle of the road, right in front of my apartment. The road was a big circle at the top of a hill that people always turned around at. The cars would always turn around at the other end of the circle so I could keep playing. I kept my basketball goal at a height that I could barely dunk, and I would move it up little by little as I could jump higher and higher until I could finally dunk ten feet. At the start of my sophomore year I could dunk it fairly easy. Everyone asked me how I was able to do that over the summer. So I told them how much I had practiced. The next thing I wanted to do was dunk in a basketball game now. I never attempted one through the entire regular season, but in the first game in the district tournament, we were playing the Sequoyah Chiefs and we were up by about fifteen points and there was only a minute and some odd seconds left to play. I had a wide open lane, and I drove down the middle of the paint and as soon as I jumped I thought I had my first ever dunk in a game, but I got fouled and missed the dunk. I mad sure I popped the rim, because I had worked so hard to get that dunk and I was so close to just get fouled to make me miss it and not...

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Basketball Essay

1493 words - 6 pages Basketball Basketball was created a simple game. The primary objective was to place a ball, without dribbling, into a peach basket. However, like Darwin's theory of man, basketball has evolved into the most exciting exhibition of athletic ability. Basketball has seen many rule changes, because of the increasing ability of the players. Basketball is a melting pot, where black, white, and European people excel. This is a sport that is color

Basketball Essay

675 words - 3 pages Basketball is not a sport for everyone it takes a lot of dedication, strength, and teamwork. I have played basketball since I was seven years old. The love that I have for the game is indescribable, if by chance I could never play again, my soul would be a hollow lifeless shadow.From the Separating White Line I glance up at the scoreboard; the clock reads 15 seconds left in the fourth quarter. My team is down by 4 points; we have to score a


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1249 words - 5 pages months, I have had the opportunity to spend some time observing the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Joy Christian School, Coach Scott Brown. I also worked with a club team Coach, Oliver. It has been an eye-opening experience to see all of the different facets that go into coaching a high school team. Prior to this experience, I have always been a player. Stepping out of a players shoes and into a coach’s shoes has shown me many new aspects

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1226 words - 5 pages Name Tutor Course Date The Influence of Basketball Sports are often identified to have positive influences on many individuals. The sports industry is growing worldwide, especially the basketball industry, which is regarded in second place behind football. The global prevalence of basketball is unquestionable, especially among the young. Basketball is a dynamic team sport that involves a pattern of alternating, active, and skilled movement

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1272 words - 5 pages Basketball is a sport people love all over the world and has changed throughout history. College basketball in the 1930s gave younger athletes a new focus during the Great Depression. Professional basketball was an important distraction for people at the time as well.There were some top basketball teams that faced many issues with all the issues in the 1930s. Basketball was growing during the 1930s, serving as a distraction from the Great

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Basketball Essay

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