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Basketball And Its Inventor: James Naismith

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Basketball was invented by a man named James Naismith. He was born in 1861 in the United States. Naismith was a high school sports coach in Massachusetts. He was a sporty guy. People took him as a religious man, because he was.

James Naismith was born on November 6, 1861 in Almonte, Canada. James Naismith dies on November 28, 1939, 22 days after his birthday. He died in Lawrence, Texas. He invented two things. He invented Basketball and the Football helmet. James went to school at Springfield College, McGill University, The Presbyterian College, Montreal.

James was at the YMCA when he made basketball. He was a worker and a member at the YMCA. In the early days wooden peach basket was hooked to a wall with players shooting a soccer ball into the basket to earn points. Basketball could be played outside but it was created as an indoor game that could be played during weather. He also wrote the official rule book and lived on to see an official Olympic medal sport.

In that time they could not get rebounds. They had to get a ladder or a chair climb on and get a ball. But Naismith had a plan to cut the bottom of the basket so the ball would fall through instead of going all the way up to get the ball. He changed the game and made it more fun to play.

James also made up 13 original rules in basketball. The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands. The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands, but never with the fist. A player cannot run with the ball. The ball must be held by the ...

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