Basketball And My Life Essay

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Basketball and my life

I have throughout my whole life been playing sports. I still play basketball competitively and now it’s at the university level. Basketball though was not my first love when it came to playing sports. It has though become my true focus since junior high school. Coming from Canada everybody plays hockey. Its almost as if as soon as you learn to walk you learn how to skate. Whether it is at the recreation centre or at the shinny rink around the corner everyone plays. Eventually I abandoned hockey to play basketball which I have done so for the last twelve years of my life and hopefully a few more years into the future.

It happened watching it on television seeing all the great players such as Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Larry Bird. The most important influence would have had to been my mother who in her younger years played basketball for the Canadian junior national team. It was when she was playing at the gym I would tag along and just play around. Although I played both basketball and hockey until grade seven it just seemed I was better suited for basketball. With that rate that I had been growing at I was taller and with all the help that I received from my mom I had developed basketball wise much faster than many of the other children my age.

Once I became focused on just one sport I started to strive to become like those aforementioned players. Soon though I realized that only a select and lucky few will ever become as great as them and get a chance to play in the NBA. But I never lost my drive to become the best player that I could become. I tried to achieve this by spending all my free hours in the gym working on all aspects of my game.

All the time and effort paid off. The more I played the better I became and by my freshman year I developed into one of the best players in my province for my age. I was the starting centre for the Alberta 15 and under provincial team. Once this happened I started to receive better coaching to help hone my skills. The most important thing that happened was my passion for the game flourished. By my junior year I had became a first team all star at nationals for basketball and helped lead my team to second in the country. At this time it began to look like that I would just have a good high school career but also a chance to try and prove myself in university.

My senior year proved to be my toughest year as I tried to decide where I wanted to continue with my dream of playing the sport I love. All of a sudden I had schools from western...

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