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Basketball And Volleyball Essay

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Basketball is a physical, intense, team playing sport: as well as volleyball. Have you ever wondered what the difference and similarities between these two sports are? Well these are some things that they have in common. They both take place on the court or outside, consist of moving around, and working to score the next point. The intensity level and the excitement of these sports being into play can be very high, as the team members of each team in each sport are working there absolute best to score and win the game.
Basketball is a running sport; a lot of action takes place. Between two teams they are to score the most points before the time runs out, and at the end whoever has the most scored baskets, wins the game. There is a lot more to just running up and down the court. Though there are rules that need to be followed and consequences that get paid in order for your team to win the game. If a team member is fouled, then the player is to shoot two free throws, and that’s exactly what they are, free shots to get you closer to your victory. IF you step on the line or the ball is knocked out of bounds, then it is the other teams chance to have the ball. Basketball teams use plays and strategies to get where they want to be, they set up their team in positions that the team would play best. The different positions you have are the point guard, the main ball handlers. They are the leader on the court, because he/she should be calling out plays and putting them into place. Next there are the guards, which are the shooters and other ball handlers as well. Then last position is the Forward’s. The forwards are the bigger players in which they would play mostly on bottom. Their main job is to rebound, by jumping, boxing out, and rebounding the ball. It is more physical on bottom part of the court then at top of the court. There are five team players from each team...

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