Basketball Benefits For All Ages Gym Essay

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Name: Shamaya Dowe
Date: Oct 20, 2017
Class: Physical Education
Health Benefits of Basketball
There are many sports that can improve overall fitness and health and can contribute to overall well-being physically, socially and psychologically. One of the sports that can improve overall fitness, is Basketball. Basketball is a sport that originated in the United States in 1891 and was invented by a Canadian-American by the name of James Naismith. Basketball is also a sport that both men, women, and even children enjoy playing. This popular sport is a game that is played between two teams, that involves running, bouncing a ball, and shooting the ball in an elevated net to gain points. It has become a sport that is played in homes, schools, community centres, outdoors and professional stadiums.
Participating in basketball carries both benefits and risks for the players. The benefits that it carries includes, building endurance, burning calories, coordination, and building of muscle. It benefits the cardiovascular system that pumps blood throughout the body, and feeds the muscles, joints, respiratory and digestive organs and even the brain. These benefits help to build a healthier body, and mind for the player and offer a better standard of living.
There is also a certain level of fitness that is needed for participating in basketball that can be built up over time if it is played consistently or if someone works out using cardio-building exercises like running. Also, participating in muscle building exercises such as weight lifting, and flexibility exercises like stretching can also better prepare one’s body for success in this sport.
Improving coordination and balance can be challenging for many people at times. In the game of basketball, there are many times when coordination and balance in exerted. Free-shooting and even rebounds are great ways to exercises hand and eye coordination. When playing basketball, the most basic skill, dribbling requires a more finer degree of coordination than the others because it is full body coordination. Once the two types of coordination in basketball are mastered you can have an easier time in even tasks that may require multi- tasking such as turning and shooting. Basketball is a very interesting sport that can improve health and also be a lot of fun.
Building endurance is very important and essential in the game of basketball. Once your endurance is strengthened, it will allow you to maintain stamina throughout the game. A question that some may ask is, how can you build endurance for basketball? There are several ways that to build endurance and improve stamina. For example, utilize a variety of exercises like Interval training, or even Plyometric Training. Interval Training is when you when you go from low to high intensity exercises such as jogging, sprinting or suicides. Plyometric Training is ideal, when you want to exert maximum force in a short period of time. For example, jumping exercises...

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