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The lovable, loathable, Hunter S. Thompson. A man of true wit, outrageousness, and individualism. With his powerful psychedelic mind, he stretched out over the skies of journalism and cast his dark, yet zany gloom of what he liked to refer to as "Gonzo Journalism" (the act of reporting a series of events through the eyes of the reporter), which has become quite popular. He established himself as not only one of the best writers in 20th Century history, but as a caricature, much like Andy Warhol or Elvis Presley, for his cult followers to relate to, gawk at, and laugh about. The only thing that could possibly be more interesting then the man himself, is perhaps the life he led. Ups, downs, ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately, he had more than enough free time in the office, so he spent it re-copying The Great Gatsby, trying to learn the rhythm of the words. This was probably the most helpful thing he did for his career, he described it as "like playing a composer's score… to learn to how to write your own". Hunter being Hunter, he gets fired from his job for insubordinating his superiors and enlists as a reporter in Middletown reporter. Job after job, he gets fired for his renegade ways, whether it be damaging an office Candy Machine, or writing a successful story that brought too much publicity to him individually. He finally moves to Aspen, Colorado with his wife. And this is where the adventure really begins.
He creates close ties with the drug and hippie culture, expanding his already very creative and wild mind with psychedelic substances. He begins to realize that his tendencies as a human being are the reasons why he can't hold a steady, standard job as a reporter. He begins to delve deeper. He starts writing for underground newspaper, The Spyder, and begins his next project; Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. The Hell's Angels were an inclusive motorcycle gang known for its destruction, public indecency, and drug use. And here, we can see the use of Gonzo journalism before he even established it, as he not only wrote about the motorcycle gang, but lived, slept, ate, and drove with the Hell's Angels. After getting badly beaten by 3 Members, he published his book, and the author, the famed Dr. Gonzo, was born.
He becomes very well known at this point and time. He lands a gig working for famed Rock Culture Magazine, Rolling Stone, and after that, every hip and happening newspaper or magazine wanted to snatch up a bit of...

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