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Heroes come in all sizes and shapes, and can come from the least expected places. Heroes are defined by the epic and courageous actions they undertake, and all share the same sense of selfless-ness and pride that drives them to bring justice and peace wherever they may go. Yet, despite this pure similarity of moral values and self-righteousness, not a single superhero is exactly the same as another. Batman and Superman are two of the greatest superheroes in comic book history, are both quite distinctive from one another, and at times can be considered as complete opposites. Batman and Superman both have their own unique origins, style of approaches, and their own set of strengths & weaknesses.
Clark Kent, aka Superman was not born on earth; he’s an alien from a planet called Krypton. Before his home planet was destroyed, his biological parents sent him to earth in a desperate attempt to save their only child and to protect Earth from a similar fate. On Earth he was raised by the Kent’s on an isolated farm in a very small town, living a righteous, honorable and simple life before fulfilling his destiny as Earth’s protector. However, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, was being raised into a family of great wealth in the corrupt city of Gotham, until his parents were shot in cold blood right in front of him. After their deaths, he was determined to train himself into physical and mental perfection in order to fight crime within his city.
Superman is more of a peace keeper in time of global crisis. He dresses up in a custom made up of prime colors primarily to symbolize hope; he’s a beacon of hope wherever he goes. A lot of the action Superman sees isn’t necessarily crime oriented. He usually goes out to save lives from natural disasters and tragedies, using his super capabilities to virtually stop anything. Batman in contrast, save people’s lives in another way; he goes directly...

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