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Batman: Arkham Origins Essay

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The video game “Batman: Arkham Origins” is a very bold and enticing tale into the Batman mythology. The game tells an epic tale in a lively vivid Gotham City and puts you in the cape and cowl of Batman himself using everything he possess at his disposal; both in his skills as a detective and his legendary arsenal of gadgets. It is Christmas Eve and Batman has a fifty million dollar bounty on his head set by the criminal Black Mask. Set in the second year of Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting career. You play as the Dark Knight himself as he first encounters some of his most legendary villains: The Joker, Bane, The Penguin, and The Riddler are just a few of the enemy’s in the game from Batman’s legendary Rouge Gallery. The game has been compared with earlier titles in the series such as “Batman: Arkham City”. Where it has received praise for a better story as well as gameplay mechanics, other games it has been compared to would be the open world adventure “Assassins Creed” and the rich story filled “Uncharted: Drakes Adventure”. All three games sharing solid gameplay choose your own way open world adventure, as well as winning awards for their robust story.
The game is a lively vivid imagination of what it would be like to wear the cowl of Batman. The city is alive with interactivity. A blizzard is blanketing Gotham City, wind is tearing through the night sky even slowly pulling apart Batman’s cape as he fights his way through the night. The cold storm and the razor sharp wind are as dangerous as the lunatics that inhabit the once great city. There are signs of criminal activity everywhere, Joker’s thugs have spray painted clowns all over Gotham Royal Hotel, Two-Faces men have defaced the City Hall’s justice statue, even the crooked cops of the GCPD have taken advantage of the situation and started to mug and loot from the citizens and stores they once swore to protect. The game does an amazing job in placing you in the armored boots of Batman as you sneak around Gotham City, battling his toughest villains, visiting the Bat Cave to speak with your loyal butler Alfred, even the iconic bat signal makes an appearance in the sky everything is here and in full detail. You feel as if you are truly in the role of the Caped Crusader, something Batman fans have been wanting for a very long time.
Batman’s gadgets play a vital role in the game. Being one of Batman’s greatest resources in the comics the video game is no different. The detective system in the game helps you solve cases as Batman. Once activated it helps the player by replaying details of a crime scene and find clues that originally would have been over looked helping the player advance in the game as well as unlock more of the hidden story. Batman’s gadgets make take on an important role in Batman: Arkham Origins as well. Batman can use the legendary batmoblie or batwing to quickly navigate Gotham City allowing players to quickly get across the map instead of having to traverse the city’s...

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