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At any given time, there may be as many as three Hollywood remakes playing in the cinema. A “remake” in this case is a movie that has been made before, usually in a previous generation. When a film is remade, it is very unusual for the director to keep every aspect of the remake the same as the original. The story is what stays the same and is what makes the film a remake, however it is never exactly the same, but the theme remains the same. There have been more and more remakes of films being made every year. Some remakes, such as Ocean’s Eleven are generally well received and even liked by many. Other remakes such as The Stepford Wives are not so generally appreciated. Many people will watch remade movies because they are familiar with the original and they will spend money to go see the film no matter how many times it has been remade.
Before 2005, did anybody know how Bruce Wayne became Batman? Many people only knew that Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when he was only a child, which can be seen in Tim Burton’s Batman. Not many people knew the back-story of Bruce Wayne before Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was released. This film goes deep into the origins of Batman. While Burton’s adaptation of the comic book shows glimpses of Wayne’s past, Nolan actually finds a way to set-up and explain why a man runs around in a bat suit. He explains every degree of the character from why he chooses to use a bat as his symbol to why he wears a cape to why he uses the weapons he uses. However, his biggest contribution to the entire Batman series is the introduction of Bruce Wayne’s mentor Henri Ducard, also known as Ra’s Al Ghul.
Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and Tim Burton’s Batman both develop the character of Bruce Wayne. Some people may say that Burton already showed us why he chose to become Batman, which is to avenge the murder of his parents. However, Burton’s Batman just shows a few flashbacks throughout the beginning of the film. These flashbacks just showed how Bruce’s parents were murdered. He blames himself because he got scared while watching a play and he wanted to leave. A mugger then gunned down his parents in the alley behind the theatre. It does not give us anything about his life before Batman. Other than that, it does not really go in-depth to how he actually became Batman. Nolan’s Batman Begins on the other hand takes it a few steps further by actually showing us Bruce’s psychological development, as he becomes the crime-fighting vigilante Batman.
The real foe of Batman Begins is Wayne himself and his past as he cannot stop blaming himself for the death of his parents and as such cannot let the past go (Jackass Reviews). Film critic John Hartl states that,
“[…] It offers a relatively realistic take on the story, starting with a traumatic episode from Bruce Wayne’s childhood. After seeing his parents gunned down in an alley, Bruce wants to execute the beggar who did it. But he eventually decides that he wants justice,...

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