Battered But Not Broken. Essay

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Battered but not BrokenNumbers were scrawled scantily across the aching chests of my parents in the fierce dark of night by government officials bearing military weapon strapped to their bodies. With the wind lashing across their blistered and twinging bodies, my mother mustered all the strength she had left inside of her and held onto my father with one hand as she wrapped me up and tucked me further into her shirt.21834, 21835; those numbers had transformed the once prominent, compassionate and loyal citizens my parents were, to mere faces associated by numbers lost within the swarm of a thousand other numbers.As the family took their places around the dining table, my mother recited those exact numbers whilst she was making her regular pancakes in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. My father took his place and sternly looked at my younger twin brothers demanding them to do their homework. As for me, the painstaking wait for my Mother's pancakes had developed into a dawning recount of the tormenting ordeal my family endured some 30 odd years ago.Although my younger brothers are permeated with naivety and imprudence, they took a sudden interest once they heard my Mother weeping. The events that unravelled in the earlier years of my life that I yearn to forget, have unfortunately been tattooed to the back of my mind and they hauntingly awake me every night. Throughout my life, I have accumulated fragments of our experience fleeing the indefinite homeland I've grown to forget, like snippets of an old, barely visible movie. The sensitive topic of our escape had finally emerged for the first time and I did not anticipate the abrupt onslaught of nausea that would overcome me. I made it known that it was too early in the morning to indulge ourselves in an emotional, yet precarious story of the past.In an attempt to drown out my mother's perseverance in reliving the past, my mind began to embark upon its own recount of events. I peered out the kitchen window which overlooked the treacherous sea. The much too familiar gentle breeze began to graze my face, as the memories began to play in my mind like a broken record.The long, strenuous preparation process for the escape had taken a baffling six months according to my father. When the day came, it felt as though time had stalled just to heighten the sense of trepidation within all of our desperate minds. The vessel that was bound to set us free and take us to our freedom was a dishevelled, barely sea-worthy boat fit enough to carry 40 people, but forced to hold twice its capacity for this voyage. The night we bid farewell to our motherland, my parents never said goodbye to my grandparents but had only left a note, telling them they were staying at a friend's house and not to go looking for them. It was a heartbreaking deception which was done out of necessity, not choice.We boarded the ship and before we knew it, everyone onboard looked towards our homeland and cherished their final glimpses knowing they...

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1488 words - 6 pages was viewed as a mechanism for explaining the behaviour of battered women to juries. While many of these reforms towards recognizing Battered Woman Syndrome as a legal defense has been made in many Australian jurisdictions, an understanding of what the syndrome is and how it can be used effectively in our courts is still a substantial matter of concern for our legal system.Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon and is widespread in Australia

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1641 words - 7 pages non-existent, although mentally it is very possible. This Stage is the emotionally depriving of power, trying to get away from the abusive spouse.Thirdly and usually lastly is the Cognitive Ability and Memory Loss. This is the most impactive stage in BWS. The victims in this stage begin to get memories of the spousal abuse and/or may develop psychogenic amnesia and not remember some of the past abuse. The battered woman may not think logically

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3143 words - 13 pages articulation of a proposal for reform of the criminal justice system specifically aimed at cases wherein there has been a long history of abuse or violence. This reform is unique because it does not rely on a separate standard of reasonableness particular to battered women, but arises out of consideration of the moral implications of legal proceedings involving domestic violence. Introduction The case of battered women who kill raises some

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2036 words - 8 pages much stronger than the female, and that he can take care of himself. People do believe that back 30 years ago males were not battered by there wives, but I believe that this is a false judgment. I believe domestic violence is not only based on one gender but on the whole population. Women did beat there husbands for hundreds of years. The reason that this is not known is because men are embarrassed to speak out that their wife or partner beats

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1678 words - 7 pages situation” (Martin, 454). This woman and thousands other battered women, feel that there is no one to turn to. The mentality of “no one understands or cares” drives battered women mad. “Hysteria inevitably sets in after a beating…the shaking and crying and mumbling is not accepted by anyone, so there has never been anyone to call” (Martin, 454). Low self-esteem and loss of identity are also amongst psychological effects experienced by battered

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1517 words - 6 pages - Bharathan 1 Domestic Violence : Let?s not keep quiet Speaking the Unspeakable ?I heard him fall onto the bed. It was two in the morning; was it too late? I waited.I could feel every muscle twitch in anticipation, my heart quickened in preparation, blood rushed to every part of my body. But I continued to feign normalcy.? Two hours later Anjali1 crept out of bed and tiptoed across the stained broken glass and splinters of putrid wood. She was

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1776 words - 7 pages The battered woman defense is a defense that is used in court to defend assault/murder charges where the defendant is abused and commits a offence under duress or necessity. It is mainly used by women and also referred to as the battered woman syndrome/battered wife syndrome. It is not gender specific as men have used this defense but the majority of the accused are female. The argument consists of a woman who are physically assaulted or

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11810 words - 47 pages women, have to go through a lot in this country to gain respect. Being dependent and helpless on the next person makes it hard for women to gain respect, especially if she has to kill someone just to get back sense of control. Battered women are not only victims, but they are strong courageous survivors. I did this research because I always seen on t.v. now the police officers never arrest men who have obviously have beaten on their wives. I want

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7363 words - 29 pages ) were verbally threatened with violence. More than 50% (N=56) of the battered women were sexually abused by their current or former intimate partners in the last year and 33% (N=36) of the cases involved the use of physical violence in sex. Over 50% (N=54) of the women said that their children had been physically or psychologically abused by their partners but not sexually abused. Child participants were asked to fill out another questionnaire

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2146 words - 9 pages the blame for everything that may or may not happen should have been a clue, but the first stage of battered women’s syndrome is denial. There are generally four stages of Battered Woman’s Syndrome. Stage one occurs when the abused woman denies the abuse to others and to herself genuinely believing there is not a problem. Most battered women will make excuses for the abuser and faithfully believe their partner when they say that this will never

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