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In the heart of Naucalpan De Juarez, Mexico a critical problem exists. Used batteries from the United States are sent here for the extraction of lead. In a nutshell what is happening here is just another example of America trashing other areas of the world, relieving us of any burdens and pressing them on to others. Why is this bad you ask? This toxic and disastrous lead is being found in the air, land, and even inside the bodies of Mexican residents as a result of the fallacious smokestacks, emitting 20 times more chemicals than legally permitted.

It’s no accident that Mexico was chosen for this deadly project. Here, standards reach the bare minimum and what little exist are so little enforced be law officers, they’re almost ignored. What this means is that these extraction plants can continue on to their hearts content without any restrictions or risk of prosecution. One of the chief officers of the Mexican police department has admitted that this area “lacks the money, manpower and technical capacity to police this industry”, making Mexico the ideal location to host an illegal enterprise like this one. And, don’t think for one moment this hasn’t been taken advantage of. One of the only requirements that were given in 2010 is that all exporters tally the number of batteries sent overseas. Seven out of every ten businesses failed to comply and (to no surprise) faced no reparation. Moreover, the integrity of those that did participate cannot be vouched for.

Another supporting factor of why this specific location was chosen for this dilemma is the abundance of extreme desperateness in the towns’ citizens. Although wages are low and conditions are almost suicidal, workers have considered life in this plant their only opportunity to collect the salary necessary to support their family. This became evident in an interview of the wife of a staff member who specifically stated, “There are not many other jobs around here”.

The impacts of lead extraction in batteries hit hardest on society. The under-funded smokestacks here vent directly to the surrounding air, and coincidently, this plant is in the immediate proximity of many neighborhoods resided by low income families containing new born and neonatal infants unable to defend themselves from the lead particles that have now found their way into their helpless bodies. In the city of Naucalpan De Juarez, four month old Mariel Landeros has become an example of a premature victim of the toxic lead industry. In her first few stages of life, before she’s spoken her first word or walked her first step, she’s been diagnosed with chronic to severe lead poisoning with a whopping 24.8 milligrams of lead per deciliter of blood when in the United States; diagnosis begins at five milligrams of lead per deciliter of blood. This is nearing five hundred percent the average case in America. For the rest of her life, she will suffer symptoms of weakened joints, stunted...

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