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Battery electric vehicles designed to reduce carbon emission and to lower greenhouse gas, since it eliminates tailpipe emission from subjective transportation. Battery electrical vehicles are proposed to function using charged batteries on board vehicles for momentum. Battery operated vehicles are not designed only for automobiles, but for buses, railcars, trucks and motorcycles. Battery vehicles are evolving and becoming more wanted by drivers for its new technology with lithium Ion battery. Lithium Ion batteries have higher power and energy density, also convenient for being rechargeable. Battery electrical vehicles result in more manufacturing emission compare to hybrid and conventional, but in the long run it will be less than the others. The lithium ion battery used in most battery electrical vehicles is recyclable, but very costly. The cost analysis of the battery electrical vehicles, projects that it is initially more money to own a battery electrical vehicle, but will pay off in the long run. In final analysis, during a life cycle analysis battery electrical vehicles have many pros and cons, but overall the pros overthrows the cons.


There are other types of batteries that can be used to power and battery electrical vehicle. For example lead-acid which come into two types automobile engine starter and deep cycle. It is the most affordable and most common traction batteries available. Nickel metal hydride popular for use in hybrid cars, and has an energy density of about 50Wh/kg (cite). Zebra also know as “The Sodium” uses NaAlCl4 as the electrolyte has an energy density of 120Wh/kg (cite). Now days the most popular type of battery is the lithium ion battery commonly used for consumer electronics, but with a huge energy density of 200+Wh/kg (cite). The inconvenient of owing battery electrical vehicles is charging it; due to large battery size it could take hours to charge it.
Lithium Ion battery will be the primary focus of this paper due to it being the most commonly used type in the new ear. The beginning of production of battery electrical vehicles starts with the...

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