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Battle For An Energy Change Essay

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Every day it becomes much easier to visualize a world run purely by renewable energy, a world free from human contamination. It wasn't until the 20th century that people recognized the menace that the industrial revolution was for the environment. Since then, the concepts like renewable energy, greenhouse effect and pro-environmentalism have passed to be of common use. Today, even more than a debate, the mystery within renewable energy has become in the toothache of engineers. Every time more need for renewable energy arise while engineers never seem to agree on what is the best renewable energy resource. However, the day in which people would welcome a new era of energy appears to be arriving. The ambivalence is narrowing and approaching to the best decision. The combination of the different forms of renewable energy must be the best way to generate clean and safe energy.
Primarily, a balance among renewable energy resources appears to be the most reasonable method to preserve the environment. That is because none of the renewable resources can stand by themselves and face the problems in the environment (Baredar et al. 265). First, some renewable resources can help in the scavenging of organic wastes but their excessive use could cause starvation. For instance, Bio-energy resources are capable to produce enormous quantities of energy out of raw materials, such as wood and vegetable oil, but they have as a constraint the endangerment of the food production for growing populations (Hedberg et al. 3). Biomass energy is considered the strongest candidate to replace fossil fuels (''Wind Power,'' but it is not strong enough to replace fossil fuels by itself without causing collateral effects. This means that even bio-energy resources required the support of other renewable resources. Second, most renewable resources help with the eradication of greenhouse gases but they tend to occupy large amounts of space. Most renewable energy researchers agree that there is a huge potential in photovoltaic energy generators (Baredar et al. 271; Swift 54); nevertheless, limitations within solar energy generators could represent significant problems to be considered. For example, Hedberg et al. state that, according to the DESERTEC Project, in order to generate 100 MW of daily electricity in a small town in the Sahara it is needed about 500 meters square of solar panels (5). In a desert area this amount of land does not seem to cause any problem since most of the land is unused, but they may encounter difficulties ratifying the same energy resource in areas where the minimal space of land is needed for daily survival, such as the case in China (Baredar et al. 267). Even though China is the number one photovoltaic producer in the world, they are unable to use their land to practice any other activity instead of agriculture. Third, an adequate use of the renewable energy resources can prevent damages in the flora and fauna. Many...

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