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Imagine falling madly in love and wanting to start a family. Imagine being so sure that this is the right person. Finally meeting the one but being banned from marriage. Imagine being discriminated against. Imagine living in fear. Imagine how Gays and Lesbians feel. Who are we to tell them that they cannot get married? Same-sex marriage should be legalized in America because gay couples have as much right to be legally married as heterosexual couples do.
Marriage is a major part of our society. It is a commitment between two individuals, an emotional as well a civil bond. Marriage is a beautiful thing and should be experienced by everyone regardless of race or sexual orientation. Marriage brings a couple closer. There are also many legal benefits of marriage. Gay marriage has been an ongoing debate in the United States for a several years.
“Individual states in the United States have been left to decide their own marriage laws. On May 17, 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to provide the freedom to marry to same-sex couples.” (
Some people believe that it should be banned because it is seen as a sin in many religions, while others believe that marriage is about the unity of two lovers and religion should not get in their way. There are many reasons why people are against gay marriage; however most of the arguments against same-sex marriage are weak and unreasonable and are founded upon nothing more than bigotry, fear, and ignorance.
Homosexuality is a major sin in most religions, hence why they oppose same-sex marriages. Since when is it okay to enforce one’s religious views on another? Since when do Gays have to follow the laws of Christianity or Judaism? If people in this country are allowed to not practice any religion at all per First Amendment of the Constitution, then Gays should be allowed to get married. Many people paraphrase a book written thousands of years ago without even understanding the reasoning behind it. Homosexuality dates back to ancient Greece and is not something new or unfamiliar to this society. The reason why Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many other religions are against homosexuality is because homosexuals cannot produce offspring. In the ancient days, there was a battle of the religions in which these religious groups fought to outnumber each other. More offspring meant more Christians and more Jews. When they realized that homosexuals could not contribute to the expansion of the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish populations through reproduction, they placed a ban on homosexuality and pronounced it a sin.
“Marriage may be a religious issue for many but the fact is, we also have civil marriage, which has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Religious groups and churches have every right to deny same sex marriage in their parish, but they have absolutely no right to deny it in city hall.” (Kellard)
People also believe that same-sex marriages are not the best setting for parenting. To...

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