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They make it to Philadelphia with the help of siphoning a car along the way. Leo stares at the weed's engulfing the once beautiful city now turned into a wasteland of cracked cement and decaying buildings. The city skyline is non existent and what is left is clouded by large dust clouds. The sky however was bright and clear. The sun's rays warmed Amber's face as she stops the truck on the interstate. Hundreds of broken down cars blocks any chance of proceeding by vehicle. They get out of the truck and Leo looks at Amber who is staring at awe at her destroyed hometown.

"Take it this is not what you expected to see huh?" Leo asks

"I was starting my first semester at Temple when shit hit the fan Leo. I just never expected a few years would turn Philadelphia into this." Amber says as she reminisces

Leo opened his mouth, but thought better of it when he saw Amber tear up.

"Hey guys look what I found!" Eve says excited

Amber and Leo turn around and notices that Eve had a shotgun in her hand.

"Were did you get that?!" Leo asked

"In one of those cars, I got it while you two were talking."

Leo walks to Eve and trades his Desert Eagle for the shotgun.

They began to hear gunfire and sounds of the horde coming from a unusual red smoke cloud. Amber looks up and notices the I-76 interstate sign.

"We are near Fairmont Park and the Philadelphia museum of arts." Amber states

"Well this is your stomping ground Amber so what is the plan?" Leo replied

Amber leans on the truck and scratches her hair. "Well if we get of this interstate and go down Ridge Ave we can take the Benjamin Franklin Highway to the Delaware Express. That is if the highway is still there."

They heard the sound of a helicopter and the shrieks of the horde. The peculiar red smoke cloud got larger and Leo notices Amber's directions would lead them very close to were the carnage is coming from. Eve began to get Goosebumps her hands began to sweat and her mind began to ponder the worse case scenarios if they end up near that location.

"Maybe we should like find a different route that is ummm more safe?" Eve says with a uncertain tone

Leo pulls out his map and his eyes widen and quickly closes his map and places it back in his pocket.

"Yeah those directions are going to send us very close to all that mayhem."

"Yeah and if I was not here you would be a rat in a maze and you most defiantly be killed by that helicopter or the horde before you can map your way out of here." Amber says confident in her directions

Leo looks at Eve who shrugs her shoulders. "Well we better get going then." Leo states

They began to make there way off the interstate, across a intersection and into a business district. Eve grabs her water canister and takes a sip as she stares at a school bus that was lodged inside a high end clothing store.

"Lets use that ladder to get on the roof, we are vulnerable out here on the streets." Leo says as he points at a ladder in the clothing store.

They climb the...

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