Battle Of Bunker's Hill From The British Point Of View (Fictional Journal)

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Mary OliverJune 1, 1775Sam has been gone for over two months now. I just recently received a letter from him. The letter said;May 16, 1775Dear Mary,General William Howe has recruited me as one of his assistants. I am very honored. I do not have very much time, so I cannot write very much. It is pouring rain right now. Thank god for these wool coats that we have! I wish I could be back with you, but I am stuck here fighting for the crown.All my love,SamuelP.S. just by coincidence, our good friend Peter Webb is here with me! What great fortune! Peter says hello too!I was very relieved to receive this letter. I was beginning to lose hope that Sam was even still alive.Sam's mother came here looking for him the other day. When I told her that he was off at war, she started screaming and crying and praying to god that Sam was still alive. I calmed her down by showing her the letter that he sent. She then left saying that it was my fault that Sam was off at war.I think that she hates me now.Other than that, life around here is ok. It is just about five times as much work for me than before, because now I have to do all of the chores in the house by myself. I am now learning how to cut lumber, and start a fire with it.There is a good side to this though. Now that Sam is gone, the house is quiet. I only have to make enough money to buy food for one person instead of two. Also, it is much easier to clean the chamber pot without Sam using it.I am very bored. I have been very bored for about three weeks. And I've done absolutely nothing to entertain myself except sleep and stare out the window that overlooks the path that Sam and the other men left the town on. I stare at that path every day waiting for my Sam to come home.Samuel OliverJune 2, 1775Wow. The weather is horrible. It will not stop raining! But it is about 26 degrees Celsius.It is so hot, and all of us are so tired. Just today, we passed by a big house. We went up to the door and asked it we could stay there for a while. There were two big fireplaces in it. The owner was a huge supporter of the crown. He was very wealthy also. He fed us vast amounts of soup. We rested there for the night.In the morning, we woke up to plates full of eggs and bacon. After we ate, we left, and walked for about nine miles in the warm rain. We then stopped under a cluster of trees, and took a break. The spot was great because the branches from the trees were so close together that no water got through. We napped and joked about the colonists for about three hours. Then we got back up and walked for another eight miles.It is now about 11:30 PM. We found a barn at about 11 PM, and are sleeping here tonight.We also received word today, that there are some colonist spies around. The king and some officials told us to be on the lookout for spies.Samuel OliverJune 4, 1775It is now the 4th of June. There has been no change in the weather. It is still raining. We are now sitting in an abandoned cave around a huge bonfire. The...

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