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Battle Of Fort Washington Essay

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The American Revolutionary War of (1775-1783) included the battle of Fort Washington
And was the culmination of the political America Revolution that rejected the legitimacy of the British Parliament.

During the time of November 16, 1776 the battle of Fort Washington took place over the Hudson River. This battle was a big conflict of the military as well with the kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen other colonies of North America during the American Revolutionary War of (1775-1783). The battle which the British and the American forces fought at the time of this battle of Fort Washington which located in Manhattan, New York. As the troops started to cross over the Hudson River following the American in which they defeat the battle of White Plains in late October. General William Howe had chosen to forgo a direct assault against the continental army, but instead he had turned the attention to Fort Washington. General Nathanael Green was the Commander of Fort Lee on palisades of New Jersey Shore, and at this time the crest of Mount Washington was a 5 sided earthwork was called Fort Washington that was the principal
Fortification of the Americans lines and was Commanded by Colonel Robert McGraw and General Nathanael Green was confident that Fort Washington would hold against the British and the advised General Washington.
When this battle took place the troops wore uniforms. The British wore red coats and headgear depending on the weather .The troops would wear the grenadiers, and light infantry or battalion crested helmets. The Germans infantry wore blue coats and the Americans dressed as best as they could. In November of 1776 the last position that was held by the Americans in Manhattan Island was the area around Fort Washington on the northern tip that was known as Harlem heights. General Nathan Greene was the commanded of American position and with discretion to withdraw if it would be necessary, but at the time general Howe had planned three attacks. One was Brigadier...


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