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Battle Of Opinions Essay

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Christian Vasquez

English 4/A


Battle of Opinions

Eyes stare and are glued to my being. Remarks of all kinds are heard in my surroundings. A bundle of them complements that cause cheeks to flush pink. While others are cruel snickers thrown like spears dipped in poisonous gossip. The spotlight follows my every step down the crowded city streets. Despite all the attention that has risen upon me I continue to walk to tall with a sense of pride in my step. No matter what comments are made I'm proud of my being and the life I've grown to live in.

Countless times I am faced with several lingering arguments of my ways of life and beliefs. The largest and most growing argument is on what my religious beliefs are. Of course the most famous question is "Do you believe in the "Big Guy" in the sky?"Here is where the whole battle of ideas and philosophies begins. The person who sparks the flame in this argument is my mother's elder. This woman can be believed to eat, breath, and think Christianity. Although buried deep in her beliefs she still finds time to questions others' ways. I for one am one of her targets for evangelism. Time after time I get trapped into her web of faith.

One topic that is known as the greatest of all topics is the holy book itself. Yes, I can say most of the writings that are in this book seem philosophically correct on some terms yet some of the stories seem not only scientifically incorrect but are just straight out impossible to believe. There are just too many versions of these stories being told so whose to know what's true and what is false. It's hard to say who created the universe and beyond. Many say it was created in just seven days. For all we know seven days to the Almighty...

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