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Can you imagine the feelings when you are in a whole new country such as USA, it’s been only a week or so. Its 6 pm in the evening, you are out for a walk and suddenly you realize that you are lost and got no idea where you have to go. Terrible, isn’t it? The same thing happened with me when I came here. I love to move around and find new place and never lost my way home, but there is always a first time for everything. I arrived in the USA in May 2010, I lived with my uncle whom I met for the second time in my life. My cousin’s school wasn’t over so I had to stay at home for the whole day doing nothing with my brother.
Till today, I feel stupid about what I did that day. I was about to get arrested by the police, but fortunately that didn’t happen. Being stupid and silly is what teenagers of my age do, but I was being extra silly. It was noon when I went to look around the neighborhood, leaving my 10 years old brother home alone and the worst part was none of us knew as good English that we could talk to anyone. You know how a film stories usually works. They start with beautiful moments and there comes scary moments in the middle, but in the end everything goes ok. For me that day was almost like that film story but the difference was it was real.
There is a park right across my uncle’s the house, where I saw kids playing basketball. I was bored so I thought why not go out play for some time and I will be home before anyone could even know. None of those kids knew me so I didn’t get any chance to play, which I hated so I started wandering around. I lived on Washington Street in Niles, from there I walked to golf mill and it was the first time I saw a mall like that. It was my dream come true, going into a mall like this, but I was 14 and scared.
“Oh my god”, these were the first words coming out of my mouth when I got in golf mill. The funniest part was that I entered in from the...

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