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I have an addictive personality. When I start to like something, describing it as an obsession would be a definite understatement. When I was a little kid, for example, I had around 50 Bratz dolls including houses, cars, busses, and even a high school. As I got older, I had that same fixation, but instead of dolls, it was with musicians. My first of two obsessions would be Green day. After a couple of years went by, I changed to Blink 182 and it has been so ever since. The other day I was thinking about how big of a transformation it really was. To an average person, these two bands have very little in common besides the obvious number of band members and the general genre. Although ...view middle of the document...

This is most likely because Green day’s fans are rock enthusiasts. I know all of the 13 albums released and know that many people refuse to listen to some of their stuff. It can just be a little bit too hard core at times and not what is “in” at the moment. With this being said, if you like Green Day, and when I say like I mean all of their albums not just American Idiot and after, then you most likely aren’t familiar with the majority of the songs on the billboard 100 today. Green day’s fans, for whatever reason that they stay faithful, are not there because of their personalities.
Green Day, in my opinion as well as many critics, are very serious and drab, particularly recently. Many of their songs deal with relevant government issues in a liberal anarchist way. For example, one of their newest songs,21 guns, discuss how after you return from serving time in the military, it would be hard to live with yourself, hence the 21 guns salute, which is the highest military honor given at a funeral. Basically, they are replying to the war in Afghanistan, which was going on at the time of the release, and saying that they don’t approve of it. American Idiot, on the other hand, shows that they believe the public now a day conform to what the government wants making them an “idiot.” In their older albums, they were a bit more care free but they still had a very blunt message. For example, Basket Case depicts the struggle the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong was going through prior to being diagnosed with anxiety. The last example would be their song Warning. This gives a message to their listeners not to live by the rules set out for us because at the end of the day, those rules are what are keeping us from having fun. The majority of their songs are based around a governmental defiance as well as personal experiences which makes their songs, no matter how catchy and interesting they are, very serious and their personalities likewise.
After 6th grade every Green day song sounded the same to me. They changed their general genre to please the public and they frankly became boring. I began flipping through my CD collection and ran across my Blink 182 disk and was instantly hooked. Green day and Blink 182 resemble some of the same qualities but nevertheless I loved the change.
Blink 182 started in 1993 in a garage, just as Green day, in the lovely city of Poway, California. The band started out with very small successes. They were able to tour with their idols NOFX and Pennywise after their first album, and after their second they received their first ever rock hit. During the tour of their 2nd album titled Dude Ranch they fired their former drummer Scott Raynor and replaced him with Travis Barker. They continued to blossom and produced three hit albums in a row starting with Enema of the State followed by Take off your Pants and Jacket and lastly their self-titled album. In contrast to Green day, each one of Blink...

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