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Battle Of Vicksburg Essay

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The Battle of Vicksburg was a long and bloody battle that tired many soldiers and caused many lives. The two major generals were General Ulysses S. Grant for the Union and Lt. General John C. Pemberton for the Confederate. The other people that helped the Union were Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, Admiral David Dixon Porter, Colonel Benjamin H Grierson, General John McClernand’s, James McPherson and General Michael Lawler. The other people that helped the Confederate were General Nathan Bedford Forrest, General Earl Van Dom, General Joseph E. Johnston, W. W. Loring and General Robert E. Lee.

The first attempt for the Union to capture Vicksburg was in the summer of 1862. Troops involved in this attempt were the Union naval vessels and the army of General Ulysses S. Grant. General Grant and his men started to investigate the town of Vicksburg from the back. This advance came to an end when Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Calvary took away General Grant’s rail supply line. Right after that Confederate General Earl Van Dom captures General Grant’s supply base at Holy Springs. This attempt was called the First Battle of Vicksburg. Grant soon realized the pressure was heating up, he evacuated. Grant again tried to repeat his opportunities to capture Vicksburg, but failed miserably. This resulted in Grant devising another plan to capture Vicksburg.

The Union used another strategy to gain edge over the Confederate army. ”An assault by troops of the Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman corps against the high grounds of Chickasaw bluffs north of the town resulted in nearly 1,800 Union casualties, compared to just over 200 for the defenders”, ( The Union plan had backfired. In the coming months, Grant decided to execute a series of events. To gain edge Grant decided to attack from the east. Grant’s men attempted to dig canals or find other ways to go past unharmed from what is called the Confederate “Gibraltar of the West”. Then, General Grant decided to work south of Vicksburg. To conceal Grant’s army movements down the Louisiana side of the river, he made Sherman make two feints north of Vicksburg. This led Col. Benjamin H. Grierson on a Calvary raid through a Mississippi that ended May 2 when he reached Louisiana.

On April 16, 1863, a naval fleet under Admiral David Dixon Porter firing guns from the Vicksburg bluffs and joined with General Grant’s army at Hard times, Louisiana. “In the largest amphibious operation ever conducted by an American force prior to World War II, Grant and Porter transferred 24,000 men and 60 guns from the west bank to the east”, ( Then the two armies began marching two Port Gibson and Grand Gulf. To help the assault of Grant’s and Porter’s troops Grant created two diversions. One was landed some troops north of Vicksburg to distract some of Pemberton’s troops. The other involved sending Union Colonel Benjamin Grierson and 1,700...

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