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Battlefield is a First Person Shooter franchise developed by Dice. Dice is a Swedish company that tries to take games to the next level with their unparalleled Frostbite engine. Dice puts together games that include a riveting story, high passed action, with stunning visuals in order to draw in potential customers. Battlefield is such a popular video game franchise because of superior business marketing, a loyal fan base, and a all around great experience when playing with friends.
Competition plays a major role within the video game industry and the two companies that are always neck and neck are Activision, who makes the Call Of Duty franchise and Dice, who makes the Battlefield franchise. These companies have become so successful through their marketing department. For example on the newly released Battlefield 4 commercials interviews are conducted with real players that have played the beta version of the game. They also mixed in actual gameplay footage with buildings collapsing and guns blazing. This makes the average consumer want to go out and buy the game because of the advertising. Dice has put millions of dollars into their advertising campaigns on male dominated television channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, Spike, etc. This allows them to reach their audience and thus make a profit when these potential customers go out to their local Best Buy or GameStop to buy the product. Within the advertising bass heavy music sets the tone to make the explosions sound larger then life and this is used to pump of the target audience which in this case is older males wanting a rush without actually going into real life combat. At the end of every commercial Dice displays their slogan “only in Battlefield”, this is used as a message to say no other game is like this and this also helps draw in the target customer through marketing.

Battlefield has its own cult following in the gaming industry which Harris would agree with because Battlefield fans stayed informed in the Battlefield community and are passionate about the franchise. Fans will line up for hours for a midnight release just to get their hands on the first copy to hit the shelves. Promotions and tournaments at these releases also bring a competitive atmosphere to the setting which allows for a all around good experience. Online Battlefield also has a community through forums such as...

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