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Fighting Fire With Fire Essay

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Past experiences show that when an armed assailant attempts to attack anyone, they gravitate towards a person that is unarmed and unable to defend themselves, therefore, areas that do not allow concealed carry are unsafe and will undoubtedly attract someone who wants to harm the defenseless. In light of recent school shootings, a portion of society, including state legislators have been discussing whether nor not to authorize students and faculty to carry their concealed weapons on college campuses. Most school shootings take place in gun-free zones. While sections of the community say that allowing students to carry guns would only worsen the situation, a considerable amount of citizens believe that giving students and faculty the ability to legally carry a concealed weapon on a campus would decrease campus violence phenomenally. Among this group of people is Ken Stanton, a man who was attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University amid the shooting who stated, "It is not a force field, but it just means that if something bad does happen, we can fight back, at Virginia Tech, no one had a chance.” Ken Stanton was friends with a man who got killed during this shooting, and subsequently started looking for college campuses that would allow open or concealed carry so he could feel more secure on campus.
Students and personnel would not only feel safer, but if necessary, they could protect their fellow citizens if they were granted permission to carry their firearms. Just giving a teacher the right to carry a gun would increase the safety of students everywhere. If there had been a concealed carry permit holder present during the incident at Sandy Hook, nowhere near as many lives would have been lost. A man attending a class at the local technology college said, “I would not hesitate to kill someone if necessary, I carry so I can protect myself and others.” Generally, members of the general public will state that if the government or funder of the school gives consent for the students and faculty to carry, the probability of an attack on school grounds will skyrocket. However, David Burnett in the article “Decriminalize Self-Defense” from USA Today said, “Being on campus does not magically make responsible citizens reckless.” While there may be a lot of alcohol abuse on college campuses, not all students are irresponsible and thoughtless.
Gun-free zones are the areas that are typically singled out by shooters, thus proving these zones are no more helpful than fighting fire with gasoline. Taking into consideration the fact that only law abiding citizens are the only citizens that abide by the law. If a person, bent on murder, was planning on massacring an area, they would lean towards a place where people would be unable to defend themselves. Sandy Hook Elementary, the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, Virginia Tech and Columbine are all gun-free zones, and that did not prevent the assailants from entering the vicinity while armed. In...

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