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Fighting For Air: Battle To Control America's Media

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This book, Fighting for Air: is basically about the media freedom movement. It tries to inform the readers about the media reform movement and gives reasons why it matters. It also gives reasons why the media reform movement will succeed in transforming the media landscape despite the huge forces ganging against it. This book by Eric Klinenberg, who is an associate professor of sociology at NYU, scores more points than other books written on the same topic because; it begins by analyzing the history of the media reform movement. By reading this book one will understand, by the time he finishes reading it, why the media concentration inspires a movement of people dedicated to putting to an end further consolidation and reversing the effects of our media that is usually centralized and has homogeneity. This is achieved by the telling of the stories of the movement, the people involved, or where they have won or lost the battle. By analyzing all this, the reader is able to trace the roots of the movement and fully understand the role played by various historical figures in the redemption of the media. (Klinenberg 56)Eric Klinenberg spent several years carrying out research on this book and having discussions with many people around the country about media and more so media reforms. Eric has been attending all kinds of significant media reform events in order to come up with such a great analysis. He spoke to different people on all sides of the divide. He spoke to people on the reformer side and to normal citizens in order to get their views on this topic. This makes the book interesting because it was personal. (Klinenberg 65)Research Eric has dedicated to this book, coupled by personal interviews and well-written stories about events, allows the participants to speak in their own words. Eric shows the important role played by human beings in political and economic history, for instance, He retells of the Minot, North Dakota train disaster. The local emergency communication system failed due to Clear Channel’s failure to maintain off hour contacts for their stations. From the small radio company that had developed the technology that enables central casting, to the media companies that drove consolidation to the halls of the federal communications commission and congress. One gets a very informative view as well as a personal view of how all the pieces of information added up to the consolidation media and the movement that has opposed further broadcast consolidation for a couple of years. This book, therefore, emphasizes the role played by individuals in technological innovation, economic interests, as well as corruption in politics. (Klinenberg 69)By the time one finishes reading the book, they will have a clear understanding about the economic and political forces that have shaped the media of today; as well as knowing and appreciating the technology involved. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, one will always know the people involved...

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