Bauhaus Vs. Jonson Wax Administrative Building

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Mingchen Cui
Assignment #2
Arch 222
Bauhaus vs. Jonson Wax administrative building

Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius are widely regarded as the prionneering masters of modern architecture.The Johnson Wax Building and Bauhaus as their symbolic and critical masterpieces shared similar style of form but different idea of interpreting design. Wright’s simplicity approach and Gropius ‘less is more’ idea are seemingly related, but varied by their self preference in most aspects.

Generally, since the aim of Gropius is to reconcile arts and crafts, the Bauhaus is industrial in its aesthetics compressed with steel concrete and glass. Oppositely, Wright favors of nature by focusing organic ...view middle of the document...

The mashroom column of Johnson Wax building celebrate its structural form by repitation to make the office space seem like a pine forest. Additionally, the windowless and sealed evelop highlights the interior space more structurally significant. However, Bauhaus left every structural elements exposed in rough appearance, which morally opposed tradition by stressing ‘what is usually hidden must be revealed’. On the outside, such difference can also be founded, Johnson Wax biulding’s hermetically enclosed envelop makes it looks like a mass but Bauhaus’s visible cube circumscribed by metal frame of its outer shell creates much more transparency to makes it like a skeleton volume. Anyway, In both closed and exposured space, lights control is always a challenged factor.

Gropius, by adjusting the orientation of each part of building to control the daylight, the hierarchy of which department need more daylights is created, but glazing and over heating still occur through summer. Wright’s smart move by offering light without transparency effectively avoid glazing happens. The gap between mashroom columns provide smooth daylight transfer. Such illuminated enclosed space raise up the efficiency of officers and convenience more significantly than Bauhaus in terms of transparency.

Under different social structure, the layout of building is varied. Gropius spends time to reconcile the individual and community. Bauhaus, which engages the ideas of liberty, equality and clarity, not only collective area is protected and slightly privite, but also the tiny balconies of student residence extend out without committing collectism. Both discipline and confrontation are well managed here. Just like the bridge and Gropius office connect workshops and technical school, the spaces communicate with each other share highlightened wall without superflous decoration. The similar free rhythm cross the whole building. However, hierarchy and limitation spirits can be found in Johnson Wax Building. For example, only special collaborators and honored guests could access management floor; Management area overlooking the stuffes at the center of mezzanine. The space of limitation and management imply those existing difference.

For technology, both building are creative and modern because of the use of new material. Wright uses Pyrex tube throughout the building which idea is first being used in...

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