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Baz Luhrmann And Franco Zeffirelli's Interpretation Of Act I Scene Vi When Romeo And Juliet Meet

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Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli have both made productions of Romeo
and Juliet. Baz Luhrmann's version is very modern but still uses the
old text. This film was made in 1997. Franco Zeffirelli sets his film
with old looking sets and uses the old text. This film was made in the
1970's. Both films are set in Verona but the sets are very different.
Franco Zeffirelli's seems to be set in Italy, with small stone roads.
Baz Luhrmann's version however has large open spaces, hot weather and
large beaches, this give the impression of it being set in the USA.

In the first part of the scene the Capulet's mansion is the setting
for a party. In the Baz Luhrmann version the hall is quite big, the
main feature is the staircase, it is the biggest thing in the room and
looks very expensive, this give an idea of how rich the Capulet's are.
The room is bright but not overpowering, and often things are in a
little shadow to make them stand out and look like they always are
there and not just for the party to be shown off. Money is shown a lot
with large painting on the walls and the fish tank is also very big.
The Capulet's are showing money by having large things in their house.
This gives the impression of things happening all the time, fury and
bad things happening. In the Franco Zeffirelli version the hall looks
bigger but less extravagant, it does not have main feature or any
possessions on show. As it is set in the past it looks very mediaeval
with stonewalls and floors. The setting is very mellow which give the
impression of life and love and the future.

The lighting in each of the productions is very important, because it
is a party lots of thing will be happening so light is used to pick
out the things the audience is meant to be looking at. In the Baz
Luhrmann version the light is put on the main characters in that shot.
In some places the light is very harsh, one example is when Tybalt is
annoyed, this how violence and makes his feelings shown in a very
dramatic way. Darkness is used when something is being built up, the
light is used on Tybalt a lot because his moods change a lot and quite
quickly. The light is used differently on each character depending on
their personalities. When Paris is seen he is in strong light, this
gives the impression of him being to perfect maybe even dull and
boring. Things that are made of gold are also in strong light, this
could be to make them stand out and show the Couplet's money. In the
Franco Zeffirelli version the light often bright but used in a
different way, it makes things seem happy and gives the feeling of
life and new beginnings. Once Romeo and Juliet meet in the Franco
Zeffirelli version light is used a lot more. Romeo is trying to woo
Juliet and trying to get her to kiss him, Juliet thinks that this is
wrong and tries to stop him from...

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