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Baz Lurhman Describes 'moulin Rouge' As "Audience Participation Cinema". Analyse The Techniques He Uses In The Opening Of The Film, To Remind Us That "We Are Watching A Movie"

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Media Studies - Moulin RougeBaz Lurhman describes 'Moulin Rouge' as "Audience Participation Cinema". With closereference to the opening of the film, analyse the techniqueshe uses to remind us that "we are watching a movie"'Moulin Rouge' is a fanciful, feast for the eyes, provocative display of raw emotions, seduction, titillation and lost love. The contrived plot recounts a witty love story, revealing the tale of the meant to be together yet condemned lovers. Christian, the good, poor but sincere poet and Satine, the famous courtesan who dances shamelessly at the decadent night club known as the Moulin Rouge, widely known as the most beautiful woman in Paris, and thus addressed as "the Sparkling Diamond". 'Moulin Rouge' collaborates the factors of a musical as the characters frequently burst into song, telling their story through music and celebrates popular music which shapes our emotions and memories whilst enraptured, watching the film.When creating 'Moulin Rouge' the director, Baz Lurhman, had many aims for the film that were necessary to accomplish the final effects of this fantastical movie. These specific aims included re-creating the Moulin Rouge as it was known at the turn of the 20th Century, complete with the exotic, glamour and eroticism associated with it, recognised as "A kingdom of night time pleasures, where the rich and powerful come to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld", a place where identities could be shed and people could re-invent themselves.. The constant theme of love was portrayed as the thing that could "overcome all obstacles" until death would finally tear the star-crossed lovers apart. Lurhman wanted to intertwine the different elements of love, comedy, tragedy and romance, permitting him to make the audience laugh out loud one minute, and cry the next, managing to mix opposite emotions and change the audience's mood in a short space of time. Lurhman also updated the musical genre, and by doing so, the film could be conveyed to a wider, more modern audience, mixing popular songs from recent decades, which conveyed emotions in the way that words are incapable.As well as all of these contributing aspects of modern cinema, Lurhman desired to make the plot and words more memorable and did so by introducing "Audience participation cinema", a component that makes the film seem so unreal and fairytale like that it is impossible for the beholder to forget that it is a film they are watching. Although this aspect of filmmaking is revolutionary, it contradicts the majority of modern filmmaking, as usually it is the aim of a director to make the atmosphere of the film as natural and familiar as possible. Audience participation cinema is a device used only by Lurhman, which he uses to describe his other films 'Strictly Ballroom', where the story is told predominantly through dance and 'Romeo and Juliet', where you are constantly reminded that it is a film you are watching due to the fact that they are...

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