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BBC News

The BBC news is a British public broadcasting aimed to show the world
the real truth and different types of news. It covers news on many
areas of the technology world; topics range from internet security
issues to gaming reviews, there is a lean toward coverage relevant to
a UK audience, believing that all should have the right to know and
share knowledge as this quote I took from the site: “The BBC sees its
audience as citizens who have the right to independent and impartial

Since it is a news service it has different updated internal and
external links to facts represented as news with comments and opinions
given by others on that topic, enabling viewers to share their
thoughts. They show national and internationals news for each country
according to your choice .News is represented under as headlines.
Below the headline, the first paragraph of each story gives the main
points of the story, then more in-depth information and quotes from
interviews follow as a new link or in another part of the page. The
date and time shown on each page showing when each page was last
up-dated. The perspective here leans toward presenting information
the consumers who are the readers – news readers - . The implications
of the facts are not offered in the writing that is why the reader is
free to come to their own conclusion from the facts presented by the
reporters and writers. There is a search provider that provides any
story that contains particular keyword/s used is the search area, all
results containing the search word are listed in the results according
to time or according to their accuracy t the searched key word.

BBC news offers a free ticker downloader, which provides your desktop
with a news ticker that can be set to display different types of news
headlines according to your choice. In this way readers are aware of
the latest news. The site is well designed and free, which make it one
of the first choices for reading the news. But the coverage of
technological significance is sparse unlike other sites which have
expanded topics, with articles going into a little more in-depth;
without becoming excessively technical...

Antitrust coverage from Capitalism Magazine

It's an online publication supporting capitalism that provides the
public with important, efficient news, information and articles but
not all at once. Opinions and thoughts are freely written in this site
with evidences and arguments supporting each thought .Although links
are accurately attached to their addresses but sometimes it is likely
to reach to unsupported or old information which may be lost in the
archive. Accordingly each article has it own date kept in the article
itself benefiting the reader. A navigator bar is providing on the
right to choose your choice .It contain...

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