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We know how dreamy it would be to jet down the Grand Canal on a private motorboat, and check into the Hotel Danieli for a week of luxurious indulgence in Venice. But truth is, this idyllic fantasy is way out of reach for most of us. Yet this does not mean one should discount visiting Venice altogether. Sure, the jewel in the Italian Crown is not the most ideal vacation destination for the budget conscious, yet with just a wee bit of effort (and some insider knowledge) you can enjoy an absolutely splendid few days in La Serenissima without promising your first-born to your bank manager.
Following are a few tips which should help you save a bundle on your next Venice vacation.
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com/travel/2013/08/20/tourists-in-venice-charged-for-130-cup-coffee-and-drinks/) The biggest irony is that this particularly group was from Rome! If Italians can get ripped off in Venice...what chances do the rest of us have?? They really should’ve known better! It’s all well and fine to splurge, but sitting down and ordering without asking for the price, in one of the world’s most touristy cities, is just plain foolish.
Save yourself the stress and choose to snack at one of the city’s innumerable pasticcerie (coffee & cake shops) and panifici (bakeries) instead. This is something you can do all day long! For just a couple of dollars you can do as the locals do and stand up at the bar for an espresso and cornetto for breakfast, load up on single servings of pizzette and tortino di riso for lunch and, for an affordable splurge, have an aperitivo for dinner! A glass of prosecco or aperolsoda in Italy is usually served with a platter of snacks. Some bars even go as far as putting on a whole sumptuous buffet table of nibblies and this is by far the most affordable, delectable and inexpensive dinner you can have in Venice. The city is also renowned for serving ciccheti, which are the Venetian equivalent of the Spanish tapas. For $10 you can expect to savour at least 4-5 mini plates of local specialties. For the best ‘local’ places head to Canareggio and Campo Santa Margherita, which are favourite hangouts with local students.
Save your pennies on sightseeing
Whilst it may seem unthinkable to skip all the attractions which charge an entry fee in Venice, we think that this is one of the few places in the world where it could be a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Much like Rome, Venice is a living and breathing museum. You’ll find priceless artworks in every church,...

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