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Be Careful About Giving Away Personal Information Over The Internet

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Right now, all across the world are internet predators. Now-a- days, anything is possible to find on the internet. Does anyone ever think about the consequences when giving too much information online ? People need to be aware of the security risks on the internet. Everyone should be cautious of hackers, rapist online, and cyber bullying. It’s very essential for parents/ guardians to know about the websites their teenagers go on; also, make sure the websites are appropriate for their age.
Numerous people give too much personal information online. According to, 81% of parents of online teens say that teens aren’t careful enough about giving information about themselves online. Sometimes people chat with others through a computer; however, aren’t really definite of who they actually chat with. Could it be some hacker or stranger online ? In addition, most of the times tragedies occur because of too much information that was given.
There was a terrible incident online that occurred on June 24, 2002. It started when a 15 year-old girl named Amy had been hounding her mother Sara for internet service. Amy had already set up her own email and password for an online chat room. Sara found out Amy had been sharing various personal conversations with Bill, whom she had met in an online chat room. He had discussed with her, her desire to live her life differently. Bill was sympathetic to Amy’s dreams and desires. One night Amy did not come home. Sara found a note Amy had wrote saying, she was 98% sure she was going to do the trip. Sara contacted the local police, they had the man’s name and address. A detective found out...

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