Be Careful On How You Choose A Major

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Perhaps when people think of college some might think of a campus, people of course and also have the idea of graduating with a cap and gown. When you’re in high school you might be swamped with different colleges to attend and told to think and plan for your future during your senior year, But sometimes high school students or people in general seem to pick majors that make a lot of money but really deep inside they aren’t interested in that type of major/career. Usually the result of that is either people drop out, fail, or they just end up changing majors because there heart is in that career type. when choosing a major some people just don’t make the right choices. Picking a major is not as easy as some think. Some people are looking at the bright side but aren’t looking at the full picture. You have to know what is your strong points. If you’re not good at math then taking nursing is not a good idea or if you’re taking psychology but hate science and hate working with people then you should maybe look for something else that you might be either good at or interested in. Studies have shown that most students pick the wrong majors and they end up wasting time in which The company behind the ACT realized that about a third of all students who took this college entrance exam chose majors that were not suited towards their interests. When some choose majors most might think of success and money. As college students you must think about if that’s something that you can handle. Picking a major is like working out, because if you start out heavy soon or later you’re going to crumble and might just get the wrong idea of college and in result you’re just going to end up wasting your own time and money. In order to do good in your classes you have to have some type of interest. To understand the issue we have to look at the cause and effects of students who choose wrong majors. Students who pick majors with no interest would be the cause and the effect would be the person who changes their major or drop out because they find it boring but they know that this career pays a lot of money. Studies show students who attend college should take 1 or 2 years to fully figure out what you would like to be and what major to choose. A parent might feel that there making the wrong choice of sending their kids to college because they don’t have a idea of what they want to do in their lives. A lot of high schools are offering students who feel or know that they would like to attend college “College ...


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937 words - 4 pages guidance counselor and I'm sure they will lead you in the right way. They will give you all of the school options around you and great tips on choosing and going through with the major you choose. If all fails just choose between a Bachelor of Science Degree and Bachelor of Arts degree for your Associate Degree and go on from there. Those two degrees can help determine what your major should be down the road. Determining your major is an important

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