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Would you like to live the rest of your life without any health problems? Would you appreciate when there are someone say “Wow! You look so young!”? Would you want to practice you mind to be stronger? If your answer is “yes”, YOGA will be a good choice. I have done yoga for 3 years, and I found both the short-term and long-term benefits which occur with me. Because of doing yoga, my life has a positive change completely. I have a strong conscious to solve some problems. Also, stress which is a severe problem in my life for several years is defeated by yoga. How can Yoga do that?First, yoga is highly recommended for relieving physical problems such as back pain, ankle pain and fatigue. It makes your body more flexible. Your muscles gently stretch and relax because every yoga posture needs to move every part of body. Also, yoga exercises improve breathing and blood circulation. Undoubtedly, you will gain physical strength, which helps your body stay healthy. In addition, doing yoga especially hot yoga can help in weight management. It can easily reduce extra fat which may result in heart problems, diabetes or blood pressure. Because, doing yoga need to deep breathing and deep breathing increases the oxygen intake to the body cells, including the fat cells. So, burning up of fat cells will occur continually and then you will lose weight for sure. Last of all yoga is the same as meditation. Regular doing yoga will train the mind to be calm, concentrated, and relaxed because doing yoga requires you to focus at one point and makes your mind still in order to perceive yourself. So, if you don’t have conscious while doing yoga, you will get...

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1676 words - 7 pages 1. What is Yoga? 1.1 What you can get from Yoga It is commonly said that you can get healthy body and mind with Yoga. Through practicing, you can be calm and relaxed. And you get focused mind and a physically strong and flexible body. You can also increase a sensitivity, harmony, and peace of mind. For example, through Yoga, you can change your “qualitative use of movement: weight distribution, effort, temporality, the coordinated use of

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1153 words - 5 pages The Different Branches of Yoga In ancient times yoga reffered to as a tree, a living thing with roots, a trunk, branches, blossoms, and fruit. Hatha yoga is one of six branches; the others include raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, and tantra yoga. Each branch have its own characteristics and function represents a particular approach to life. Some people may find one particular branch more better than another. However, it is

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1031 words - 5 pages found in stone that illustrates symbols and figures of yoga poses. These place the existence of yoga back to around 3000 B.C., or even dated back earlier, possibly in the stone age Shamanism. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Certain equipment can be used to help make the exercise easier, whereas other tools are available to challenge and intensify the workout. A sticky mat, made of padding, and has friction to increase safety while


757 words - 3 pages of any yoga course is to provide a basic introduction to the theory and practice of yoga. Taking a look at the book, 'How to use Yoga', it explains that the major part, toward physical wellbeing, deals with 41 postures and variants - the asanas - which may be attempted by beginners of all ages. The postures to which I keep referring to help some problems such as; headaches, stiffness, and pain in the neck and shoulders, backache and stiffness of

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1354 words - 5 pages . The final segment is Freedom. Freedom teaches that ultimately, each of us is in charge of our own actions and decisions in life. With this practice of Yoga Sutras and the value system it provides, it can be a guide to healthy living. The Yoga of today has definitely changed a lot from it’s initial beginnings of Yoga Sutras. Although I believe that the mental exploration involved in Yoga Sutras in deeper than in today’s Yoga, it does not include

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3071 words - 12 pages scripture. In this essay I would like to briefly explore the primary branches of Yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Juana, and Raja Yoga and point out their advantages and pitfalls as well as point out the value of their practice as it pertains to keep the body healthy and free from disease. ): Yoga can be experienced on many different levels for example: as a way to relax after a long stressful day; or a more physically demanding focus on strengthening

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1484 words - 6 pages of child obesity in the last few years. This program not only has them working out by doing yoga it is also teaching them healthy eating and living habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I hope that it does not go to trial again and have the chance of ending yoga altogether in the schools for all children. If a certain parent does not agree with these teachings then they should be allowed to exempt their child from doing it


1176 words - 5 pages sequences are a series of postures arranged to flow together one after the next. This is often called vinyasa or a yoga flow. Start with the Basic sequences and gradually proceed to beginning and advanced sequences. Seated and standing sequences can be combined for a longer practice. Read the entire sequence first before practicing. Contraindications and modifications. If you are unfamiliar with any postures, you should practice these first until you

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1718 words - 7 pages Introduction Individuals who practice yoga experience an awareness of their body and environment. Yoga helps them to relax and feel at peace with a subtle feeling of stimulation. This paper examines the use of prescription drugs/stimulants that are used to treat ADHD in children, and the use of an alternative that for some can be just as effective to treat ADHD. Yoga has beneficial factors for managing ADHD symptoms. According to the “yoga

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612 words - 2 pages Although it has deep roots in India, yoga has become very well know in the Western World. The word 'yoga' translates to mean the union of mind and body, and yoga is exactly that. Yoga uses a different approach to exercise that can benefit almost anyone. With it's low impact on joints and aide in stress reduction, yoga can be found everywhere from large studios to your local YMCA's. Yoga is a blend of stretching poses, breathing patterns and

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1652 words - 7 pages 1Health and YogaHealth and Yoga: Benefits of Yoga Related to Human HealthAbout a year ago this month I injured my back working out at my local gym. My injury was just a pinched nerve in my lower back so it was nothing serious or to be worried about in the long term. The problem I was faced with was that after I healed, which took a couple of months with no exercise, I couldn't get motivated to go back to he gym and continue working out. After

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1249 words - 5 pages respect on the history and roots of the practice. Even instructors have lost touch with all aspects of yoga – with an 8-week course being the norm for a western yoga teacher-training period. “To be sure, many Western (and Eastern) practitioners are themselves not particularly aware of the spiritual dimension of Yoga. Without it, however, Yoga remains on the level of pastime” (Feuerstein 3). It is a common misconception that Yoga is a

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2280 words - 10 pages pressure, chronic back pain, diabetes, asthma, stress, or wanting to find a way to manage through the ordeal of cancer treatments (Yoga Health Foundation, n.d.). It is important for a yoga therapist have gone thorough therapeutic training and be registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to be able to recognise diseases and conditions as to comprehend the development of each disease/ condition. An experienced