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Be Informed Essay

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Every parent gets nervous when it comes time to have the “talk” with their child. Some parents choose to just be upfront with their child, and others choose not to say anything at all but, sex education is a very important thing. Everyone should inform their children and not rely on others to do the job no matter what the situation may be.
Every schooling system generally has sexual education programs or speakers that will come to educate the students, but during these programs they are usually pushing abstinence. Statistics state that “Since 1997 the federal government has invested more than $1.5 billion dollars in abstinence-only programs—proven ineffective programs which censor or exclude important information that could help young people protect their health.” Most young people will not choose abstinence just because they are told to; they are adventurous and need to know all the real details of what is in store for them no matter how uncomfortable it may be. If a person is hired to inform students on sexual education they should include every detail of things that could happen to them. Informers may feel as if they are looking out for the better interest of the child by holding back some information about sex but that is not the case at all, the more information provided the more helpful it will be.
Students should be informed about more than just “don’t have sex” because eventually it is going to happen and they need to be educated on the proper way to handle the situations. Because students are mostly taught abstinence it has created the situation to where researchers find” Abstinence-only education, instead of reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, has made teenagers and young adults more vulnerable to STDs.” This has made a great point if people would educate teens on ways to protect themselves from things such as STDs instead of saying “do not have sex and you will be safe.” Then this would help to benefit our society instead of making teens more vulnerable to diseases.
Politically people are just pushing the issue away and using the abstinence programs to try and handle the situation but it is not working. Just because you tell a child to do something does not necessarily mean they are going to listen. A journalist says "The need to support comprehensive sex education over abstinence ... programs should not be about political gamesmanship or the culture wars, although, too often, it appears that it is." People should not be afraid of offending some ones culture, in my opinion, everyone has babies the same way there is no way around it. If people do not want what is best for their kid they can allow them not to participate in sexual education programs but do not hurt all of the children because you do not want to offend one specific culture.
Although our government does fund a numerous amount of programs there main focus is to still to stay abstinent, researcher says” In Katy Vine's investigation into the success of...

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