Be It Resolved That Space Exploration Is A Pointless Endeavour. (Con)

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Mr. Speaker,Neil Armstrong once said, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," after he became the first man to reach the moon. He certainly thought space exploration was a great idea ... and why isn't it? Space exploration is absolutely necessary to humans. Without space exploration, this world would not be near as advanced as it is today. Without space exploration, where could humans go if a nuclear war arises? Without space exploration, our world would be unsafe.Through space exploration, humans have become a much more advanced civilization. Many objects that are taken for granted nowadays were actually taken from the many space excursions. The invention of satellite phones, GPS systems, and satellite systems all come from space trips. Even the weather forecast uses satellite readings, which also comes from space. In addition to this, though many people do not really think about it, if space exploration did not happen, humans would still be wandering around saying, "are you sure the earth is round?"Mr. Speaker, I am sure that my gifted opponents will bring up the topic about the horrendous costs of space exploration. That, in fact, is not true. Though the American government does spend, according to, roughly $15.5 billion dollars its space program (NASA), that amount is miniscule compared to the amount spent on defense systems ($400 billion) and health care (over $500 billion). In fact, space exploration amounts less than 1% of the annual federal budget, which is roughly $16 trillion. How is that a lot of money? Besides, think about it. Is not a few billion dollars worth the survival of the future of this dear planet?Without space exploits, earth would be an unsafe place to dwell. One...

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