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Be Lame. Get Fame Essay

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Welcome. We all here are new to Pierce College. For those of you who are not aware, this is a community college. Despite some beliefs on community college, we as the board of directors, expect the best to be brought out of the students at Pierce College. We bring this presentation to dispose of the traits and habits that cause someone to be considered as a poor student. These habits and traits include lack of organization, procrastination and bad influences. We attempt to explain this with process analysis. Process analysis allows us to give our presentation in an organized and methodical way. We expect you, recruits, to understand the high expectations we have on you as freshman.
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Although time is everything, it is nothing if there is no knowledge on how to manage it. Having a balance in between school and social life is easy. Most students have the mindset and determination to complete assignment deadlines. Students who complete assignments are usually the infamous students noticed by professors. A third example of lack of organization is priorities. Priorities are regarded as the most important thing to a person. Always assure yourself parties are at the top of your priorities. Having a social life is more important than an education. Binge drinking makes a person feel adventurous. If you want to feel adventurous this too has to be on the top of your priorities list. If you go hung-over to class you will feel disoriented. You might even feel like sleeping in class. Good examples of where you can lack in organization are materials, time, and priorities. It is important to be organized so you can have fun.
Another habit is procrastination. Everybody in this room knows what it is like to wait last minute in order to finish off an assignment. Procrastinating in assignments is a wise choice. The assignments we usually procrastinate in are tedious. For one, you deprive yourself from sleep. Students are accustomed to "all-nighters". Therefore, it does not matter when we procrastinate. Chances are the assignment is not decent enough to present. There is always a possibility the teacher enjoys the disorganization of the assignment and praises you for it. At times you will not finish the assignment because there was a short amount of time you left yourself. If you talk to the professor they will give you extra time. Along with procrastinating on assignments, delaying study time gives a student more freedom. Receiving freedom is a positive thing because students are more relaxed. When we are relaxed while taking a test, it is easier to achieve an “A”. This being because we had fun and our mind is at ease. If by some reason procrastination traps you and you did not study you are most likely afraid to fail. The fear of failing occasionally allows us to give in to temptation, which causes us cheat. Getting caught cheating is worse than failing because it is instantly assumed you have cheated on all your exams. This ruins your reputation towards your teacher and Pierce College. Pierce College will pardon you if you ask for forgiveness. If Pierce College forgave you, they will not disclose that you cheated. This means your chances at a CSU or a UC are not ruined. Procrastination does not only have to be on assignments and work. You may not know because you are just starting off your college but your counselors do not program your classes. At Pierce you are expected to register for your own classes. Failure to register may prevent you from being enrolled. You could show up to your classes but you would not be officially enrolled. This type of procrastination leads you to not complete ting the required units for the semester....

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