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Be More Chill By Ned Vizzini

830 words - 3 pages

Did you ever want to be cool but didn’t know how to become cool? Well neither did Jeremy Heere, (the protagonist) a high school student, until he found out about the “squip”, which is a quantum computer in pill form that can communicate with your brain once swallowed. Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini is a book about Jeremy’s life all the way from PRE-SQUIP all the way to POST-SQUIP. It contains loads of excitement, and unusual events. It’s unpredictable; you never know what is going to happen next.
The plot of the book begins with Jeremy Heere sitting in math class. In the same class are three of the most popular teenagers Christine Caniglia, (major character) which Jeremy has a crush on, Anne (minor character), and Jenna Rolan (minor character). Jeremy has humiliation sheets, which are pieces of paper that reflect the times when he felt embarrassed, for his embarrassing moments which seems to happen to him a lot. Overall, the plot of the book is that Jeremy Heere wants to date Christine and at the same time he is learning to become cool, and popular (the plot).
Jeremy’s popularity all began the day of the school’s Halloween Dance, when Rich, (major character) who is the only other main character with a “squip”, explains that he has a "squip" to Jeremy. Rich used to be a loser like Jeremy, but after getting a squip, he became cool. Rich has been bullying Jeremy because of the “squip's” suggestion, but recently Rich's “squip” has been telling Rich that Jeremy would want a “squip” of his own. Rich then tells Jeremy to get his own “squip” for six hundred dollars.
While in the mall shopping for clothes Jeremy’s “squip” tells him to go over two girls that go to his school and sit with them. So Jeremy goes and sits with one whose name is Chloe (major character). Then Michael Mell, (major character) Jeremy’s best friend before he had the “squip”, comes over and the squip tells Jeremy to ignore Michael so he does so. Jeremy then gets a ride home from Chloe and asks for her number while in the car. Jeremy calls Chloe afterward and asks if she wants to hangout someday. She then tells him that Jason Finderman (minor character) is having a party, and asks Jeremy if he wants to go and do ecstasy with her. He agrees to, and asks Michael to go with...

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