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Child adoption is a major step in anyone's life. Child adoption is when a person or couple legally takes care and raises a child as if the child is their own. Many people feel the need to adopt for many different reasons. If it is because one is single, but wants children. Adoption can be a choice for infertile couples. It can also be a choice for couples of the same sex. Even for people who just have the desire to adopted. There are many different cases that can be named and there are plenty of children in need that can fill those voids. Adoption can be long, tedious and aggravating, such as a pregnancy would be, but once the parent holds that child in there arms it all becomes worth it. Children in need are desperate for love and someone simply to hold them at night. Everyone who has the desire to adopt should find the time, the money and the energy and pursue with adoption. Adoption is a long arduous process that requires perseverance, but in the end is worthwhile.
Getting started with adoption is the longest part of the whole process. First off, the couple or person wanting to adopt needs to become familiar with the whole idea of adoption. They might want to subscribe to magazines, go to the library, talk to friends who have adopted and research the topic. Make sure the house, the child is coming home to, is stable and has plenty of space to make them comfortable. The couple or person adopting is required to understand that this is a immense responsibility and that once started has to be finished. An article from New
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York Times said, "Adoption is a wonderful option that works out so wonderfully for so many people. But it's not easy. It's not simple" (Klien 1).
Once the couple or person adopting is mentally ready they may start the actual process. The first main step is choosing the right type of adoption plan. There are agencies that can help one with the processes. Agencies usually allow contact with the birth mother, but little history of the child's background. They are generally for older or special needs kids. Agencies are funded by the state and place kids who are in foster care up for adoption. Make sure the one chosen is a reliable and responsible agency. Talk to friends or family who have adopted and ask them what agency they used, if they used one. There is independent adoption which is where the parent adopting the child does all the work on their own, such as finding the child. They just have to have an attorney, adoption facilitator and other inter mediators to legalize the adoption for them. Independent adoption is not allowed in all stated so make sure it is allowed in one's state. A private adoption is almost the same thing, but the adoptive parent only has to go through an attorney. Using a private adoption usually satisfies both the adoptive parents and birth parents.
No matter what process chosen the adoptive parents are required to go through a home study except for adoption of step children. A home...

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