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Be Someone: A Program For Inner City Youth

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The foundation in which I chose is called Be Someone founded by a gentleman by the name of Orrin Hudson. Be Someone is a nonprofit organization that was started with a vision to help inner city youth succeed and use several skills including the game of chess that promotes self – esteem responsibility, analytical thinking and positivity. The mission of Be Someone is “to build character, hope and inspiration so that kids can achieve lifetime goals, realize their full potential and Be Someone”. This organization has only been in existence for a little over twelve years but has made a positive impact on the youth around the United States.

As, I sat and watched the founder of the facility I realized that he is a single man with a vision nothing short of excellence. The focal point of BE Someone is positivity, discipline, patience, focus and knowing that you have the ability to change and overcome any circumstances in your life and this is all done through a simple game of chess. Although it may seem peculiar and it is it is something that actually works. It taught the kids to think and develop skills that have always been there but not sought out.

One of the things that made not just me listen, but also the children was the life lessons that he gave of himself and other individuals that had been in similar situations as the youth that he was uplifting. He inspired them to be more than just them, a great example that he gave is his catch phrase as he told the kids to always remember that KASH is King. There is a meaning to this saying which I heard throughout the three days that I was there not only observing but also volunteering. KASH has a meaning which stands for K-Knowledge, A- Attitude, S-Skills and H is for H-Habit once you get it no one can take it. Simple words yet packed with a powerful meaning. Each word has a powerful meaning when they are placed alone but it is even more powerful when they are placed together.

Children are like a sponge they absorb everything that they are given and they put out what they have obtained. I met many children and parents that had unforeseen circumstances and were looking and seeking help not just because their children had gotten into trouble, but because they were seeking a better way of life and with positive changes comes positive results. The parents at times sat and watched what the children were being taught and often at times did not hesitate to participate. It was a very unique experience because this was a vision put into place and implemented from start to finish.

The vision of one man, the vision of a community to rise above, the vision for inner city youth to be someone. The name of the company may be a name that consists of only two words but from an ethical, and cultural standpoint it knows no boundaries. The boundaries within are endless. The teachings are realistic and pertain to everyday life lessons. The group sessions are intense but informal, the vision...

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