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Be Still And Know Essay

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The book of Job in the Old Testament explores many questions we ask ourselves as human beings. Why do the good suffer? How can we comfort someone who is hurting? Does our sin bring us suffering? How do we keep our faith when times get hard? These are just a few that came into my mind while reading Job. We see human suffering on a daily basis. All we have to do is turn on the news and we are shown so many stories of human suffering that it makes you ask the question “If God is so good and just, why do so many people suffer?” The story of Job shows us that we should keep our faith when faced with the worst that God can throw at us. When we are faced with the challenges of life where does our ...view middle of the document...

Job never once sinned against God in all of this.
Our present suffering shows us where our hope lies. What we put our hope in lays the foundation of our personality. When we put our faith in something that can be stripped away such as; marriage, money, life itself, it will lead to despair. If money is what you live for and you wake up one morning broke, what hope do you have at happiness? If marriage is where your hope lies and your spouse comes home and tells you they want a divorce, your world will crumble.
When we put our hope in something that doesn’t die, that is outside this life it gives us the ability to endure our sufferings. Job says this very well “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. He shall be my salvation: for a hypocrite shall not come before him.” (Wilkie and Hurt 106) Through all his suffering Job never loses his hope or faith.
Most people will not suffer as drastically as Job, everything gone in a day, but that doesn’t mean that the things we will face in life won’t be challenging. Job looks at all he’s lost and he knows that someday his reward for staying true to God is going to be heaven. Job shows us that we cannot compare our life sufferings to the glory of heaven. Our time here on earth is like a mist when you compare it to what our time in heaven will be like. Our sufferings here on earth will seem like no more than one bad day at work.
While he’s talking to his comforter’s Job says “"For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God". (Wilkie...

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