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Be True To Yourself: A Conflict Of Interest By Hurston And It's Hard Enough Being Me By Raya

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The value of a life can only be adequately defined by its possessor. So It is that, to be true oneself can only defined by the possessor. In the essay, "A conflict of Interest" by Zera Neale Hurston and the short story "It's Hard Enough Being Me" by Anna Lisa Raya, both authors illustrate what it means to be true to oneself. As well as what it means to not be true to oneself. In which case, being true to oneself means acquiring the maximum amount of self interest to ones best abilities.

The essay "A Conflict of Interest" by Zera Neale Hurston; a segregation writer. Is an essay written in the point of view of an African American woman. In Washington, DC during 1942. The essay is about a ...view middle of the document...

" (Hurston 1294) Hurston also admits to facing a conflict on deciding what is the right choice to make. To serve the Negro means losing her job and not serving the Negro means giving sanction to Jim Crow Laws.

The short story, "It's Hard Enough Being Me" written by Anna Lisa Raya, is an autobiography. That shines a light on her discovery to her self identity. Raya is American born, her father is a second generation Mexican-American and her mother is Puerto Rican. Anna Lisa Raya grows up in El Sereno, Los Angeles. In a majority Mexican ethnic neighborhood. Therefore Raya grows up only identifying with being Mexican. In the essay, Raya describes her discovery of being Latina. Upon her arrival to Columbia University in New York City. Where it is a melting pot of many diverse cultures. Raya says "In El Sereno, I felt like I was part of a majority. Whereas at the college I am a minority." (Raya 1040) Raya's feelings towards being Latina instead of Mexican makes her feel small instead of equal. Raya disapproves of the term Latina because America and Latin American natives see them as a minority. That are too good for their own countries. Raya also does not represent a typical Latina. She indicates that, "Can't dance Salsa to save my life…I haven't prayed to the Virgin de Guadalupe in years…Another thing, my Spanish is terrible." (Raya 1041) Raya seeks to have an association as an individual instead of a minority. She holds her mother, partly responsible for her lack of being a typical Latina because she did not teach her Spanish. She also aids in her assimilation of the American culture. Eventually, After 20 years Raya comes to terms with herself "Soy yo and no one else. Punto." (Raya 1042) Meaning I am me and no one else. She learns not to be delineate by what others stereotype her to be but be delineate only...

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