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Fallibility Is Human And Necessary For Change

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There is not a single person who has avoided being wrong throughout his or her entire life, or maybe even day. But also, nobody, or at least very few, accept fallibility as tolerable. Throughout history, there have been people who refuse to be wrong, and it often has lead to despondency. Although everyone wants to be right, fallibility is a necessary step to avoiding harm and improving the world.
Nobody wants to be wrong. It is associated with “shame, stupidity, ignorance, indolence, psychopathology, and moral degeneracy” (Schulz). Also, as people, we revel in other’s wrongness as much as we do our own accuracy, which has created an environment in which being wrong is unnerving to the point of a possible, legitimate fear. But not only is our society giving us the fear of being wrong, life is. Our existence is dependent on making accurate conclusions (Schulz). If humans couldn’t make accurate conclusions, then death would be upon each person extremely prematurely; therefore, a fear of being wrong is completely legitimate, but it is also mildly vacuous. Everyone is wrong at some point. Augustine said, “fallor ergo sum” which means “I err therefore I am” (Schulz). Being wrong is not only apart of who we are, but it also makes us into who we are. Fallibility is human and makes each person whom he or she is. It can allow us to change our worldviews, learn, and look through a “window into normal human nature”. Of course though, a sense of omniscience is seemingly the natural state of the human mind, while the opposite is generally true. Being wrong is much like death in that it happens to all and very few can accept it (Schulz). So, can one simply learn a lot and know everything to avoid being wrong? Quite the opposite is true, as Robert Burton says, “the most important product of knowledge is ignorance.”
Socrates founded the idea that a wise, which is often defined as the quality of having knowledge, person is one who realizes he or she knows nothing. Socrates wanted people to acknowledge, or even embrace, wrongness. He believed that claiming to alway be right is actually wrong; therefore, if doing so, the person is not always right and failed in his or her attempt at infallibility. From this, he deduced that “those who had the highest reputation were nearly the most deficient, while those who were thought to be inferior were more knowledgeable" (Plato 25). Now, to achieve this society in which being wrong is accepted would require man to graciously accept the bespoken of one’s wrongs by another. This should occur naturally, because as Socrates recognizes, someone pointing out somebody’s wrong is the equivalent to that person saving him or her. On the contrary, a wrong may not be wrong merely due to someone saying that such is the case. Often, something will be viewed as wrong for being different from what is standard. Aside from all of this, Socrates believed in highlighting justness rather than ever focusing on being right or being wrong....

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