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Contestant #18 Be Your Best Self
When you look at your life, what do you see? Is it filled with joy, happiness, and right decisions? Or has it been filled with regrets and wishes unfulfilled? The saying Be Your Best Self is one approach to which many may go about their lives fulfilling everything they would and could wish for. Now how do you implement this saying in your life?
For me it started with little acts of kindness, every day, with the virtues of being responsible, being healthy, being involved, being studious, and being ambitious.
One way in which to show how dutiful I am to these values being implemented in my life was by finding a service project in which helps me to be my ...view middle of the document...

The responsibility that I have needed to have since I was a youth has made me a better person. I can approach my daily life with a better outlook on life knowing that whatever comes in my path, I will be responsible enough to take it on.
She has taught me how being studious and keeping up on my studies really furthers my school work. When she has an assignment due, she is always on top of things. When I help her with her homework, she is always so willing to do what she needs to get it done. She is a great example of being studious, and because of her I try my best to get my school work done, and especially so, done on time. Since she is need of my care, having the time to get everything done sometimes is a problem in my busy schedule, but since I have her, I know I can do it. I can do it because she can do it, thus I stay up on my studies, and I try not to get behind at all.
Now being healthy is one of the most important aspects of my teenage life. My health and fitness now will affect me later down the road. Working with Miriam has improved my want for a healthy lifestyle. I joined the cross country and tennis teams in my school and Miriam was the most supportive girl as she cheered me on from the sidelines. When she was in 8th grade, she joined the track team. She didn’t ever win an event, but she tried her hardest and was always so, happy as she smiled and waved to crowd as she ran. She also takes her diet very serious, as she has begun to “watch what she eats” so she doesn’t gain a tummy. She is the best example of how to go about eating right and exercising as she is always so lighthearted about everything. She makes my day every time she laughs about the tummy she might get if she doesn’t exercise soon or if she has a cookie instead or a carrot. I love her so very much!
I get the chance to help my sister every day and she has been such an example of loving life. Her ambitions for life to be a teacher impress...

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