Bead Bar Network You Will Form Evaluative Decisions When You Determine The Network Topology And Architecture That Best Suits The Bead Bar.

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The Bead Bar is a growing business where the customer makes jewelry. They have currently own six studios. It was started in New Canaan, Connecticut by Meredith S. in 1998. The Bead Bar is currently a paper based business that would like to move to a data base system. The current paper system has problems which has made it difficult for the company. If it continues the company may loose customers. Each member of management would benefit from the new system.The Bead Bar has three divisions consisting of studios, franchises and the Bead Bar on Board. The franchise division sells the package which allows the person to open their own bead bar business. They fulfill the orders of the franchises. Currently there are five franchises. The studio division keeps track of the six bead bar studios, located in New York City, Long Island, Washington D.C., and Boston Massachusetts. The Bead Bar on Board allows them to place them on cruise ships so their customers can design their products on board.The Bead Bar currently has very little technology they are on a paper-based system. “The Bead Bar is now large enough that the paper-based system is inefficient and has caused some problems, including lost orders, incorrect invoicing, and fulfillment delays.”(Malaga, 2005, p. 2) The management of The Bead Bar would like it to be efficient as possible and not loose customers due to this inefficiency. The computer network would make it possible to connect all of the locations and make it easier for franchises to order their beads. By creating a network it will make the business more efficient and save the business money.The Bead Bar will need to purchase a personal computer for each company owned studio. Each of the studios should have the 17 inch LCD monitors to save space. They can use a standard keyboard because the employees would not be typing for extended amounts of time. They should also purchase a personal computer for all the senior management except Miriam and Mitch. The head of sales, Mitch would need a laptop due to his movement of his job. Miriam needs a different type of computer because of the graphic programs she would be using. She would need a Macintosh type of computer because of the things she would like to do with it. These computers should have the best that the company can afford for processors, RAM and the largest hard drive. Due to the fact that the computers change so quickly the amounts would have to be decided at the time of purchase. It is also recommended that they have a CD-RW. Another purchase that would be recommended is an ink jet printer for all of the computers and zip drives so information can easily be shared if the network is down.Due to the fact that The Bead Bar has many locations and is growing they will need to have a distributed database. It is recommended that The Bead Bar use Oracle 9i, it is an enterprise database with the ability to handle data distribution. “Although a data warehouse and data mining might...

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2709 words - 11 pages Bead Bar and those that will be accessing the Bead Bar network. Recommendations will be made on the specific network topology that should be used, such as bus, ring, star, mesh, tree, or hybrid; on the network architecture, and the advantages and any potential drawbacks that the recommended network would provide to the Bead Bar organization

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1033 words - 4 pages : Bead Bar must have a built in technology that will support online Banking. "Online banking, both over the Web or through a direct dial-up account that connects with a bank's computers, allows customers to access account information, transfer money, and pay bills." According to Malaga, R. (2005)… Online Billing: Is a system that allows consumers to receive their bills in an electronic format and pay them electronically; allows customers to

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932 words - 4 pages it will be meeting the Bead Bar's needs now with very little upgrading required as the Bead Bar continues to grow. A mesh topology is the most cost-effective topology that is suitable to meet the needs of the Bead Bar. The mesh topology is extremely reliable and it transmits data quick and efficiently. According to concerns addressed by executives at the Bead Bar, they would like network architecture and topology that would allow them to

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1739 words - 7 pages Project is to move Bead Bar in to the digital world. Bead Bar is committed to improving their workflow and quality of service for their employees and customers. This digital status can be achieved, by using an interconnected information system and network that can collect, store, process, retrieve, and distribute information. In order to accomplish this goal, an information system will be implemented using ring topology and client-server

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1507 words - 6 pages that the disabling of any node will not affect the rest of the network. Once the node has been taken care of the system functions will be back to normal. (World, 2000)The selected network architecture that is recommended for Bead Bar is the autonomic network architecture. The Bead Bar must be able to expand when it wants and the maintenance of this network should not use too much manpower. The autonomic network architecture is the architecture

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