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Bead Bar Networking Essay

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Bead Bar Network
The Bead Bar has the following computer systems: fifteen desktop computers, two notebook computers, and one handheld computer. (Malaga, 2005). The personal computers are equipped with standard keyboards, 17 inch CRT monitors, printers2.8 MHz processor, 512.8 MB of RAM, CD-RW drives, and 80 GB hard drives. Each of the computers uses the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system, and due to the multiple locations of the company, the Oracle 9i Database, an enterprise database specifically designed to manage the distributed data necessary for the Bead Bar's organizational needs. A distributed database necessitates that all the Bead Bar's computers be routed through a network and telecommunication system; the database must be configured properly through a network to enable the database to operate at its full capacity. (Malaga, 2005).
The managers of the Bead Bar described the features each was most concerned or interested in: Meredith, President and Owner, would like a wireless network due to the less of unsightly wires around the office; Suzanne, Studios VP, would like for each location to be connected to share and receive data; Leda, Franchises VP, would like an easier way to send and receive designs and a private network to allow the franchise to access the network; Mitch, Bead Bar on Board VP, needs to be able to have access to the corporate office from anywhere; Julia, Chief Financial Officer, would like a faster way of receiving financial data but is also concerned about the cost involved in networking all sites; Miriam, Marketing and Sales VP, would appreciate the ability to electronically receive sales data for marketing campaigns; Rachel, Operations and Purchasing VP, would like the network to be easy to reduce the paperwork and processing request and change how the company operates and be more efficient; and Jim, Human Resources Director, would like to be able to send and receive employee forms electronically. (Malaga, 2005)
After a carefully look at the Bead Bar's networking needs are summarized in detail below will show that while much of the information system needed to provide Bead Bar with the best networking system is not the lowest cost alternative available, but it will be meeting the Bead Bar's needs now with very little upgrading required as the Bead Bar continues to grow.
A mesh topology is the most cost-effective topology that is suitable to meet the needs of the Bead Bar. The mesh topology is extremely reliable and it transmits data quick and efficiently. According to concerns addressed by executives at the Bead Bar, they would like network architecture and topology that would allow them to transmit data, and send data quickly, and possibly be connected to other computers. A client/server architecture will work best to facilitate the wide area network (WAN) that will work on a transmission...

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