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Bead Bar System Development Essay

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Bead Bar System Development


The purpose of the paper is to define the parameters of introducing a new database information system in order to improve business for both customers and financially for the Bead Bar. I will cover the different aspects, requirements, and benefits of implementing a new database management system. This plan will be introduced as a seven step plan, each step critical in the development and introduction of the new system; as well as make the transition as smooth as possible to increase profitability and employee efficiency. A large part of this plan will depend on the diligence of the management and maintenance of the information stored and its ability to be readily accessed, remain secure, and be as pertinent as possible. The growth of the Bead Bars business has also created a new demand for technological growth. The companies need for improvement in the way it manages data, compiles information, and processes business transactions calls for a new type of more capable information technology system. The type of system that the company uses currently is no longer capable of maintaining all of the information the company needs to store and access; as well as handling the number of users that will need to access the information from the headquarters and franchise stores. There will be recommendations made for the company detailing data base management systems, individual user components, and system architecture. I will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed system starting with comparable options and their disadvantages if any.

Project planning, feasibility study, Initiation

The first step in the process is the planning phase; this includes researching all possible avenues to determine the best possible options in correlation to the goals and expectations of the Bead Bar. Certain factors have to be evaluated for feasibility, can these be accomplished, are the employees of the Bead Bar capable of handling the requirements of the system, will this cover the areas that we desire, and what the possible pitfalls of each individual system are. Once decisions have been made and a solid, feasible, and affordable plan is chosen then begins the initiation of said plan.

Requirements gathering and Systems Analysis

Step two of the plan includes specifically detailing all requirements of the system between the different departments. The needs and requirements of each department will be greatly different, so in order to determine the best configuration and system operations an analysis of the needs and the setup of the system will need to be troubleshot to determine limits and capabilities. The goal of analysis is breaking down functions that need to be created, and engaging users so that precise requirements can be defined.

Systems design

Step Three is the designing of the system, all functions and operations are described in detail. This includes screen layouts, business...

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