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Beating And Abusing Children Is Not Ethical

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Child abuse is one of the leading problems society faces today and common people are not even aware of it. They do not know that approximately four to five children are dying every day (Child Abuse Statistics). Because of the lack of knowledge and concern, they do not care what child has to go through when he or she is being abused mentally, emotionally, sexually, and physically. Take the example of Heavenlea – the victim of child abuse – who was abused from the time when she turned 6 till she turned 18. She was abused emotionally, mentally, and physically. Her parents beat her, spanked her and one time her father slapped on her face, which almost made her blind. That’s what child has to go through when he or she is being abused.
Child abuse threatens child’s emotional and mental stability. Parents or caretakers abuse their children emotionally by insulting them, cursing them, and telling them they are worthless and having them was a mistake. They may harm them physically or they may just ignore them as if they never existed by not taking care of their food and medical needs. Child abuse is defined as “any act of commission or omission that endangers or impairs a child physical or emotional health and development”, which includes any damage done to a child without any acceptable reason (Child Abuse). Everybody should care and contribute to solve this issue of child abuse, because it will not only help children, but also helps government to save lot money and helps to grow country’s economy.
Beating, neglecting, and abusing children should not be acceptable; No children has to go through such a pain. They did not commit any illegal activities so there is no way reason for them to experience such a pain, burden, and stress. Children who experience maltreatment are more likely to get some kind of psychological, mental, sexual, or emotional problem. According to research, “Eighty percent of adults, who were abused as children, will likely to have at least one psychological disorder” (National Child Abuse Statistics). These adults will more likely to experience distress, anxiety, and depression; which will hinder them to live happy life.
Victims who were abused when they were young will have everlasting impact on their life. Because of the anger and low esteem, they might follow a path to become...

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