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Jimi Hendrix is arguably one of the best guitarists ever to live. Johnny Allen Hendrix was born in a Seattle Hospital in 1942. As a young kid Jimi used to use a straw broom and act like it was a guitar. His father Al found a ukulele to replace the straw guitar Jimi used. Then a five dollar used guitar that Jimi’s father had bought off one of his friends soon replaced the ukulele. Shortly after that Jimi formed his first band called the “Velvetones”, it was short lived. One year later his father once again bought Jimi another guitar, although this time it was an electric Supro Ozark 1560s this changed everything for Jimi. With the much-needed support of his father and the undivided attentiveness Jimi had to put into his music because he could not read nor write music made him very special in the art.
In 1961 Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the United States Army, even earning a badge for his platoon in the Paratroops. He was later Honorably discharged for an injury he succumbed while Para jumping. After he came home from the army forces he really began to work on the whole music idea. He started under the name of Jimmy James. Having the opportunity to work with artists like Sam Cooke and Little Richard, he wanted to start a name for himself. During a July performance the “Animals” Bassist Chas Chandler was impressed with Jimi’s Talents and decided to switch roles of a musician to a manager for Jimi’s career. Chas changed Jimmy to “Jimi” and formed the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” with Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noal Redding in London. The same country the worldwide known Beatles are from. This made Jimi a star in Britain and later on America. But tragically had a short career of a non-expecting death only a few years later in 1970.
Jimi Hendrix had a huge admiration for the Beatles. Even though they where competitors of the same era Jimi looked up to the pop band exponentially. On one occasion Jimi was performing in the “Bag ONails” club in London. In the audience Paul McCartney and other Beatles where watching the young guitarist. He opened the performance with his version of a song from the Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that was only released three days prior. Paul McCartney and the Beatles where flabbergasted by this, to not only open a performance with one of their songs but to learn it only in three days. Jimi couldn’t read or write music. I cannot begin to fathom the work he must have put in to perfect that song. According to Paul McCartney says “… To think that the album had meant so much to him as to actually do it by the Sunday night, three days after the release. He must have been so into it…I put that down as one of the great honors of my...

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