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The Beatles: Their Influences And Early Years

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Hamburg had a street called Reeperbahn which had more strip clubs than any street in the world. Hamburg also had a really high crime rate because all the gangs from Berlin moved to Hamburg due to the Berlin Wall (Davies 80.) This makes me think this is why their parents were hesitant about letting them go. They played in an Indian club called Indra. They became very good, so good that they started playing 7 days a week until 2 am. Eventually the club got so loud that they had to move due to complaints by the neighbors (Davies 82.) They would play so much they would usually get around 5 hours of sleep. This shows that if you want to be really good at something you must work really hard. They wanted to play and wanted to be successful and were willing to work for it. The Beatles were not only headliners at parties; the Beatles also were big partiers themselves. There were also fights in the club while they were playing. There was so fighting and alcohol that the people inside the clubs would be half dead (Davies 83-84.) This also caused some on-stage fight or arguments. Sometimes they would throw food at each other while performing. It did get out of hand sometimes. The group made very few friends while they were in Hamburg. They didn’t like the Germans. John said,” They are all half-witted.” They didn’t make friends with the British people there because they would start arguments with Germans (Davies 85.) Eventually they had to come back home. When they came back from Hamburg, one of their friends put up a sign that said: The Beatles, Direct from Hamburg. This lead to people thinking they were German. People actually complemented them on how well English they spoke (Davies 97-98.)
After they came back from Hamburg, the Beatles started playing in ballrooms, in these ballrooms fights would occur very often. Once, Paul got grabbed by a random guy, slammed into the wall, and told not to move at all. Another night, people were fighting each other with fire extinguishers (Davies 101). I find this to be an odd coincidence because in Hamburg, the same stuff would happen to them there. Trouble just followed the band everywhere they went. Awhile after they were home, they decided to go back to Hamburg for a second time. While in Hamburg they met up with an old friend, Astrid. She was married to Stu, one of the early members, and greeted them with leather jackets. She wanted to change Stu’s haircut, so she brushed it down and cut parts off. This then caught on with the other band members and became the signature haircut (Davies 106). That was the birth of one of the most iconic haircuts in history, the 60’s, and Rock & Roll. They had to come home again but this time, Stu decided to go to Art College in Hamburg instead of continuing on with the band.
When the Beatles arrived back from Hamburg, they heard about a newspaper called Mersey Beat. This was the first ever newspaper in Liverpool devoted to only music. A guy named Bob Woller had written an...

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