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Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show

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It seems as though it’s impossible to provide an analogy to a group today that accurately expresses what the Beatles were to their hayday. I guess that the closest thing to the Beatles of 2014 is One Direction, British and super popular, but the Beatles were obviously much bigger and much more influential than any other pop culture icon in recorded history. The question is though, why were the Beatles so popular that they defined a genre and generation of music? Why did they have such a strong influence on pop culture that they still remain popular today? The Beatles have a distinct sound, but they also didn’t stick to this image that seems to be so popular in bands of today. They let their music change with their mood, and the mood of the time they wrote the song in. This, instead of causing them to seem instable and fragmented, made them even more defined. Their songs are different from each other in a way that keeps it exciting. Hearing the same song over and over again from one artist causes their fame to die out quickly, in the same way that no matter how much you like a song, if you hear it eight times a day on the radio you’ll get sick of it quickly. In this way, the Beatles’ songs were not just individual sings generated with a formula for maximum fame and fortune, but they were a collective narrative in music form written from the soul for personal expression and to make fans (a.k.a. everyone) feel what the artist is feeling but also to relate it to their own emotions. This is one of the many reasons the Beatles have attained immortality. Fifty years ago, when the Beatles’ first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, they performed live in front of 73 million American viewers. This moment, displayed in grainy video, is very important to history. A viewer can hear people screaming, and the boom of the music filling the air. The difference between the Beatles...

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