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Beatrice And Benedick Essay

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Benedict and Beatrice are: “a pair of outsiders to conventional behaviour, a pair of clowns”. To what extent do you agree?
I believe strongly that Beatrice and Benedick are simply a pair of clowns, I believe this because of how language is used and the portrayal of their genders however on the other hand I think that many readers will disagree believe that Beatrice and Benedick are very serious characters.
One example of language used to portray comedy is repartee; the prime example of this is at the beginning of the play 1.1.88 -1.1.107 this not only creates a comic effect but also characterises Beatrice and Benedick as well as their relationship with one another. The repartee means that the scene is structured very simply making the conversation quick and meaningless with little depth making it appear more humorous to the audience as it doesn’t seem to very serious just a “merry war” (1.1.62) between the two characters; the merry war between the characters is where the repartee mainly lies. “The couple who talk and bicker endlessly thus displaying their intellects, their energy and their compatibility” (Smith, 2007), I believe that Smith’s statement is very accurate the use of sarcastic comments, puns and word play create humour between these two intellects, the light hearted insults create a bantering type of conversation portraying an image that there is some friendship beyond this merry war allowing the clown-like, comical characters to be formed. Much Ado about Nothing was written around two decades after sarcasm was first seen in the English language and therefore at the time and till this day it is vastly based upon the interpretations of the audience, this allowed the audience to make humour from the insults passed between the two lovers and therefore presenting them as comic-like figures
Benedick: Well you are a rare parrot teacher
Beatrice: A bird of a tongue is better than the beast of yours
Benedick: I would my horse had the speed of your tongue

“Rare parrot teacher” suggests that Benedick believes that Beatrice is one of kind and this for the Shakespearean audience is true. As Shakespeare presents Beatrice as an unrealistic character typical to the time the play was written as women didn’t have much of a voice however Beatrice is loud and witty thus creating humour in the play as the audience would not think of such things and the concept that Benedick has pointed out she is one of a kind enables the audience to relate to him. The repartee shows this side of her character through her wit and clever responses, presenting an unusual quality for a lady thus creating a clown like quality of her character, as she is portrayed as something out of the ordinary. “The beast of yours” is one of Beatrice’s clever responses here it suggests that Beatrice thinks that Benedick is hardly like the typical gentlemen that was expected in the Shakespearean era, again making him an unrealistic character to the audience therefore portraying him as...

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